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Eclipse: Shadow Bands
Author Leo
Participants Ra Moon
IC Date: 26 March 2219
RL Date: 26 March 2006
Story Arc Brand New Sky

The world of matter was a slow world, one where events happened at a plodding, sluggish pace to one such as it. It was not the universe in which it truly existed, but merely visited from time to time to accomplish its broader objectives. The energy world operated at a speed that the material world could barely comprehend, and this is where it did its terrible work.

It reconstructed the hulk left half-wedded into the surface of one of the icy moons, undisturbed by the watching eyes of the humans. They studied the radiation blooms from the growing world below, paying no mind to the lunar bodies that lifelessly orbited it. What it could not reconstruct on its own it took from the Wilytech that had been thoughtfully moved there by Patriarch; the moons were to be his construction facility for a fleet of ships. But it only needed one ship.

The ship, once reconstructed, moved through the silence of space. It took a long, sweeping course, not bothering with a stellar drive. Its conventional energy drives were more than adequate for an intra-system trip. Occasionally something of interest would appear before it, and a brief detour was given to collect it.

It did not need a ship. The ship was only a means to an end, as was all physical matter. It moved at relativistic speeds, unchained as it was from its confinement. It delighted in its ability to move freely throughout the universe, but before it could continue its journey, it had to attend to those who had both liberated it and burdened it with an endless task. They would all have to be destroyed.

Scott Wily was a convenient vessel to this end. It could see that he was dying, though it did not understand why until it realized that Scott, too, was a construct; a flawed one at that. Convincing him to follow his commands and seek out the powerful piece of “Force Metal” the Neo Arcadians had taken from the Irregulars did not even take a rudimentary effort. His own greed and rage was adequate enough incentive.

The suit was a simple thing to it, especially as the long term survival of the occupant was no longer a concern. Keeping Scott Wily alive long enough to determine the strength of the planet’s defenses was an elementary task. Soon, the ship would be in position, and it would be able to make itself known in a more direct fashion.

1. Nine Inch Nails - Mr. Self Destruct - The Downward Spiral