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Eclipse: Totality
Author Leo
Participants Ra Moon
IC Date: 21 May 2219
RL Date: 21 May 2006
Story Arc Brand New Sky
Location The Tower Of Light, Minnesota

The battle against the prophet-soldier Elegy was more taxing than it had anticipated. Elegy had wielded elemental powers against it, forcing it to exert itself to maintain its side of the battle. It had nearly begun the process of binding and sealing, but its Legion had prevailed. Though it was driven back, it had left the battle more powerful than before.

The Legion had descended upon the Earth in earnest, beginning its systematic scourging of the planet. The shattered nation of China was an adequate target, fulfilling its needs to send a warning to the world that it should accept its will. Their destruction would be much more orderly if they simply lost the will to resist.

It naturally had another motive: It knew of the Book, but not its whereabouts. Elegy had assumedly hidden it away somewhere, so finding it would be a priority. With the knowledge of the universe at its disposal, it would be able to easily determine the most efficient route through the cosmos to obliterate all forms of life.

The Legion, after drawing away much of the world’s standing defenses to China, fell upon the Tower of Light. It had dealt with such Towers before, and had become very efficient in their dismantlement. The Hunters had been prepared, but that was to be expected: Blues was a traitor, trying to play both the world and itself off each other. This would need to be punished.

As the Legion fought and died fighting the Maverick Hunters, Ra Moon steadily advanced on the Tower with its waves of Reavers. One man stood against it before it entered, and was easily cast aside. The resistance got heavier as it went through the Tower itself, but it would not be stopped. The Hunters were too badly wounded to resist its will. Its plan was working perfectly.

It arrived in the medical bay, where it knew that both Pugilation Man and Roll were kept. Its Omnidroids arrived to be its witnesses, but it wanted more. As it fought through the token resistance in the room, it allowed the security feeds to stabilize to bear witness to its actions. They were too weak to even scratch its armor.

Pugilation Man did not immediately tarry to his commands. It was irrelevant. Ra Moon knew that Dr. Light had tampered with his Gentlemen, and gave it all the more reason to punish him for his continued defiance. It reached out to take Roll into its hand, giving her the release of oblivion -- but was stopped by the gallant charge of Pugilation Man. The giant had found his heart. It was driven out of the Tower, falling into its swarm of Reavers. Angered, it smote Pugilation Man, summoned up its remaining forces, and disappeared.

Their Tower was a smoking battlefield. Their Innocence had been crippled, if not destroyed, and their Lost Son was still completely in its clutches. Its victory was all but an inevitability. Their hope surely was lost, and they would soon accept their annihilation.

5. A Perfect Circle - Annihilation - eMOTIVe