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Flame To The Kettle
Author Leo
Participants N/A
IC Date: 07 November 2218
RL Date: 07 November 2005
Story Arc Brand New Sky

The Devil’s Night Riots of 2218 were nowhere near as bad as anticipated, but were significant enough to merit press attention. A great deal of discussion took place during the course of the week of what these events meant in terms of Reploid/human relations, and the growth of the extremes on both sides.

In all, tens of millions of zenny in damage was done to property in New York City and Sydney, and hostilities are still running high in Rio. The Pope has called for calm and forgiveness, but so far his words have had only a minimal effect on the level of antagonism among the poor and disenfranchised. Meanwhile, anti-Repliforce protests continued throughout the weekend in Sydney, with the fringe of anti-Reploid protests gaining the most media attention.

The international community has felt the strain. The tensions felt in every country with a significant population of the European Diaspora are too strong to ignore. Human opinion is turning against the Reploids of the world, as a weary humanity desires nothing more than a planet serviceable enough to live on. However, as the intensity of violence becomes more extreme with every passing year, it seems less and less likely that there will be a world left to rule when, or if, the wars ever end.

Maverick recruiting is on the rise in the major cities of the world as more Reploids feel the sting of human prejudice against them. Simultaneously, Aztlan sees more immigrants coming in to live and work in a place where they can be free of the looming threat of Mavericks. A confrontation between these two radical groups seems almost inevitable, but yet Sigma and Elpizo stay their hands. They are willing to wait for a critical mass before they strike; both to gather their strength and to wait for the rest of the world to grow weak enough for a killing blow to be struck.

Giga City, all the while, simmers. Many of the refugees seeking shelter from the riots have lingered onward, some seeking work in the mines. The recent tensions have tightened both the internal security at each company and the external security supplied by Repliforce. Mavericks have an unhealthy interest in the mines, but they may not be the only ones. Gimialla Mining and Melda Ore have been accused, rightly or not, of having Neo Arcadian sympathies, and a very visible executive in Vanallia was once a member of a Wily-supported African junta. The Reploids in Giga City grow more restless.

Observers of global politics see a second, more dangerous undercurrent in current events. Interpol, the mechanism which assisted in the destruction of the UN, is being dismantled. What this means for international law is unclear. However, a more fundamental question has been asked by many pundits: is cooperation between nations even a viable goal? Has the situation become so desperate that the only manner in which world leaders see their ability to protect their own people is through taking every competitive advantage they can get?

Victory, by any means necessary?

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