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Flight To The Sun
Author Leo
Participants N/A
IC Date: 31 October 2218
RL Date: 31 October 2005
Story Arc Brand New Sky

The Internet spoke.

Duo.EXE, the viral entity created as a result of Higure Higsby’s failed attempt to gain total information awareness, has been silently analyzing all the knowledge available on the Internet. The anomaly has been infiltrating servers, intercepting communications, and all the while evolving to become better at what it does. Its process of Analysis seemingly allows it to develop the full abilities and knowledge of its target. It may be the most powerful net entity in existence.

Like all living things, Duo.EXE seeks to continue itself. To this end, the world outside the Internet must continue. It produced a plan that it distributed to the world to show how they could continue to do battle with each other in a way which would allow it to continue indefinitely. The purpose of this endless conflict is to provide a necessary outlet for the aggression inherent to sentient beings who battle over necessarily limited resources.

The United Nations, or someone with access to their credentials, attempted to stop Duo.EXE from distributing the plan. When their attempt failed, they disappeared into the Internet, as did the anomaly itself. What this means is uncertain. What does Duo.EXE know that these individuals want to keep silent?

Even as the Internet spoke, the war continued. Tensions continued to rise in Giga City as Coalition and Irregular forces clashed. Protecting the Force Metal reserve in Giga City has become the full-time job of many organizations, not all of them known to the common person. Individuals and groups will do almost anything to win, or prevent others from winning, this vital resource.

The shadowy hand of the Yakuza has been seen in Australia. What do the crumbling remains of the crime syndicate want with this war-torn continent? What is the scale of their involvement in the country’s increasingly anti-Reploid stance? Is it possible that the Yakuza and Neo Arcadia could be working together to push Australia toward Aztlan’s side?

As tensions continue to rise in light of these events, and the “sale” of Europe by the Repliforce, the anomaly’s proposal for a kind of peace may start to seem more rational to some. When total annihilation looms, one must decide what level of survival they are willing to accept. Can peace only exist in the moment between the trigger and the bullet -- or can we find a better way?

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