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Forbidden Knowledge
Author Leo
IC Date: 20 August 2219
RL Date: 20 August 2006
Story Arc Reclamation
Location N/A

They called it many things. The plague. The curse. The nightmare. It had the same end result no matter what it was named: The destruction of the Reploid people. The annihilation of a race in its infancy.

Only one among their number was untouched. Evolution Nine, the Ninetails, could not be harmed by any existing virus. Their weaponry did nothing to him, and their champion Omega fell before his power. His strength was considerable, being able to withstand assaults from the Robot Masters and Bass himself before finally being temporarily defeated by a desperation strike by Enker. But he was just one, and even Ninetails could not stop them all.

But their weaponry was not without a will of its own. Omega, from the dark whispers in his mind from the Genocide Virus itself, knew that its time on this earth would be short after the Reploid people were destroyed. He was hated and feared, even by his own allies, and in time they would rise up and murder him. There was only one thing for it to do. It had to destroy everyone so that it would be safe from harm forever.

The Pantheon forces were ragged and threadbare from their worldwide campaign of terror, but were driven onward by zeal and what appeared to be an imminent victory. They were vulnerable internally, stretched far too thin, and a well-placed strike seemed to be the way to start their inevitable collapse. Omega saw his opening, a single point of ultimate weakness. Alouette. The virus, mutated through repeated contact with the Sigma Virus to affect cyborgs, struck her. Once she fell, it was a simple matter to see to it that the Genocide Virus, something they had saturated themselves with, was able to devastate their ranks.

With those best able to destroy him sidelined, Omega began his final campaign. He struggled to will the virus through the Internet, where it would become omnipresent. He would exterminate every cybernetic and electronic lifeform in the world, and then it would be a simple matter to exterminate the weak humans that remained. The virus kept whispering sweet promises in his ear of peace and purity, of the master race he would create from the ashes that would always be strong.

As the world’s brightest came together in an effort to save Western civilization, and its defenses started to crumble beneath massive viral infections, the final strike against Omega began. Zero, from whence the horror originally came, led the charge. The battle was fierce and terrible, but in the end, Zero was able to defeat Omega once and for all. Moments later, the cure -- the ultimate cure -- was released. The Genocide Virus and the Sigma Virus, in one mighty blow, are ended. All Reploids needed to take the cure or risk falling victim to the still threatening Genocide Virus.

A new day dawns. The armies of the world are ragged from the campaigns to defeat Omega. Neo Arcadia teeters on the edge of collapse. The world demands that the Pantheon be destroyed, and so the great powers arrange themselves to exterminate the people who almost ended their empires. But there is a continuing threat. Even as the Maverick cause seems to collapse, Sigma makes his final stand. Knowing that the world’s force will be focused on Neo Arcadia, he prepares his final, suicidal charge against Australia. He may die, but he will not die unsung.

4. 10 Years - The Autumn Effect (Piano) - The Autumn Effect