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Free For All
Author Leo
Participants N/A
IC Date: 23 October 2218
RL Date: 23 October 2005
Story Arc Brand New Sky

The Repliforce response to Neo Arcadia was as inevitable as the rising sun. A three-pronged assault on the rogue nation from the United States’ southern border met with some degree of success, though not without its own costs. The seemingly random Maverick strike on a state dinner in honor of Australian dignitaries less than 24 hours before the attack has raised questions eerily similar to those raised in February of 2214.

Has Repliforce been compromised? Or, more subversively, has Repliforce adopted the adage of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”? Surely there is a sense of some racial solidarity between Reploids when it comes to Neo Arcadia, as they butcher the innocent and the guilty with equal fervor. An alliance between Repliforce and the Mavericks would allow for the swift destruction of Neo Arcadia -- and any other opponent they chose to challenge.

These questions do not have easy answers. Based on General’s willingness to work with a known international terrorist to gain the strategic high ground in Force Metal development, it is clear that moral boundaries are not as rigid in Repliforce as one may have hoped. It may be possible that the turning of Australia toward Neo Arcadia has prompted a shift in the stance of Repliforce command toward the plight of their fellow Reploids. Defending their comrades may be worth the risk of working with the Mavericks … or it may not be a risk any longer.

The CRF has issued no statements on this matter, and the Maverick cause in general seems to hold its breath in expectation. All the while, the Emperor sits on his shadowy throne, troubled by news unrelated to the current struggle. A new and dangerous threat has been brought to his attention, though only in whispers brought to him from the far-off stars. Has Epsilon summoned up something he cannot put down? Or is there a terror in the darkness yet unknown to man or Reploid that seeks to undo them all?

All the while, as the great powers clash in battle, the Irregulars continue their patient march. The followers of Epsilon are slowly filtering into every major company authorized to operate in Giga City, filling the rapacious need for competent labor to draw the material out from the earth. Questions are not being asked that perhaps should have been asked, and protections normally in place are increasingly lax. The money is too good.

In the eyes of the managers, these Reploids would be nothing without the wealth of Giga City. There is no threat to speak of. So they squeeze, as all men do when they have the golden goose in their grasp. They squeeze, putting pressure on the Reploids to work harder, work longer, work better. They wish to close their fist and draw all the wealth forth immediately, gorging themselves on the work of their mechanical servants. For now, the shoulders of the Reploid people take on the burden, but this will not always be so. Both the Mavericks and the Irregulars know this. Preparations have already begun.

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