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Gathering Darkness
Author Leo
Participants N/A
IC Date: 13 November 2218
RL Date: 13 November 2005
Story Arc Brand New Sky

The world does not revolve around Giga City and its social unrest. Elsewhere in the world, events steadily creep onward.

The SciTech Corporation and S.T.A.R.S. have materialized to need the needs of the world community. With the growth of disturbances in cyberspace, and the more persistent problems with unaffiliated terrorist organizations like the League of >:(, the leaders of the major governments of the world have become more willing to use new solutions.

Interpol is steadily fading away. Many believe what remains of the organization will be quietly re-assimilated into the United Nations to be returned to its traditional role, but never again to wield the kind of power and influence it briefly had. There will be purges to insure that only “team players” remain; there is no “infamy” in “team”. Vorlaikal’s deals no longer have currency with the new administration. Some of the more marginal players have already gone on the run.

Throughout this, a woman smiles, satisfied with her enemies broken and driven before her … for now. In time, her story may yet be told.

The war between Repliforce and Aztlan continues. Aztlan holds it own against the robotic army, but Repliforce has both time and persistence on their side. How long can Elpizo’s forces last against a constant robotic assault? What does the unrest in the White Dragon Striders mean to the Neo Arcadian war effort? More importantly, why has Washington been so silent throughout the skirmishes?

All the while, the European Diaspora stews in its discontent. Their voices are growing louder in Australia, where the majority of the poor and desperate ended up during the UN’s patchwork refugee initiative. The ultra-rich on Eurasia quietly organize the rabble to continue agitating for their long term objectives of retaking their homelands while settling old scores.

Through their manipulations and favorable accidents, the European refugees have seen to it that one continent is cleansed of Reploids, just as the Mavericks saw to it that their homeland was cleansed of humans. While resettlement initiatives draw back many, Aztlan and its e-humanization process seems a viable alternative to more disenfranchised Europeans every day.

In the shadows, there are nervous whispers of a new and potentially greater threat yet to show itself. Sigma has learned something of Epsilon’s fate, but will not share what it is beyond the highest circles of Maverick intelligence. The Emperor’s dark demeanor and furrowed brow provides the only information most observers need; something terrible has occurred out in the depths of space. Yet space seems so very far away while turmoil continues to bubble across the earth.

9. Disturbed - Land of Confusion - Ten Thousand Fists