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Irregulars Assemble
Author Leo
Participants N/A
IC Date: 03 October 2218
RL Date: 03 October 2005
Story Arc Brand New Sky

The Irregular movement is ascendant. Epsilon’s ideology of freedom through strength, combined with his elevation of love and beauty, has attracted many Reploids and humans to his banner. Even in his absence, his followers preach his gospel. They ask a question that they believe the major factions can not, or will not, answer: when do our lives get better?

It is the power of this message in contrast with the ideologies of the other major forces in the world that allows the Irregular movement to perpetuate itself despite the absence of its founder. The message resonates most strongly among the youngest and oldest among Reploids, who have lived their entire lives fighting for an increasingly tarnished idea of “world peace”. Even Mega Man wanted to walk away from it all -- and even he was forced back into action to save a desperate world from complete destruction.

The Irregulars believe a new order must replace the old. Dr. Wily and Sigma are symptoms of the sickness in the system, and they can only be defeated when the institutions that created them are knocked down. True freedom is only possible when the sins of the past have been paid for, and the present becomes a foundation for a better tomorrow -- not a cemetery for grievances millennia old.

All the same, the Irregulars use the same tools as the other paramilitary organizations in the world; they raid, pillage, steal and do battle in the streets. Most consider them little better than the Bonne pirate gang they have aligned themselves with, and some even consider them worse than Scott Wily’s Robot Overlords. After all, the Overlords have no choice, but every Irregular -- from Epsilon’s right hand to the lowest private -- chose to be an Irregular. But that choice, and the consequences of it, is the core of the organization.

In Epsilon’s absence, a new ruling Cadre is forming. Ferham, once known as Gimmick, has been appointed as the Irregular sovereign until Epsilon’s return. Her executive officer Sclera appears grateful that the burden of supreme command has been lifted from his dainty shoulders. Botos, a newcomer, has been said by some to have the potential to rise to the top of the organization based on his sheer tenacity.

And then there is the unknown quantity of Scarface; built by the unlikely pair of Sewa and Roll, he chose the Irregular ideology and stood in battle against Lumine and the X-Hunters on a level approaching Epsilon himself. What role will he play in the coming war? Where do his loyalties truly lie?

The seeds Epsilon has planted have begun to bear strange fruit.

3. Catherine Wheel - Strange Fruit – Chrome