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Neapolitan Sky
Author Leo
Participants Mister Famous
IC Date: 14 November 2219
RL Date: 14 November 2006
Story Arc AU3
Location Subspace

You got used to the sky, Mister Famous thought. It was a churning Technicolor spew of colors, as subspace tended to appear to the human eye. At present, the heavens were filled with the human-like eyes of an enormous subspace creature, whose brain was so far from its senses that it still had not noticed the equally vast appearance of San Angeles almost immediately next to it. It would take it at least another month to notice the city approaching. He had that long to get the city somewhere else before the flinch reflex of the creature smashed the metropolis in half.

Having the full arsenal of Silicon Valley was useful. Having a few Robot Masters along for the ride was an inconvenience. His usual role as the driver of the Magic School Bus was now more literally true, as the Masters tended to need minding. Keeping them busy with constant tasks and a ready supply of liquor was only going to work for so much longer. Eventually, their natural drive for mischief could generate some serious damage.

It was also fortunate that the part of subspace they had ended up in tended to teem with only moderately aggressive life, else he would have run himself to exhaustion doing repairs. As it was, he had to be constantly vigilant to keep them from being eaten by possessed picnic baskets or from creatures of living shadow. Only some of this was attributable to Cut Man’s constant poor luck. In the Emptiness, the rules people took for granted were more like suggestions.

His instruments told him there had been a dimension shift. The hellish Copy X universe was banished back to whence it came. This was a mercy. What had replaced that universe was a mystery. He had been trying to use his makeshift dimensional tuner to find it (and thus, the universe San Angeles was supposed to come from), but was so far stymied by both the inherent difficulty of finding one’s way out of subspace as well as the vastness of the task he was attempting to undertake. Locating one dimension in the multiverse, one specific place, was a task of extraordinary difficulty. Similar places were easy. A place was hard.

He had turned his attention to trying to locate the dimensional stabilizer in subspace, which was an incrementally less difficult task. If he could examine what Auto was trying to do, perhaps he could reverse-engineer it and help Auto to pull their San Angeles back to where it was supposed to do. This, too, was a formidable task, involving long hours of frustrating looking. For all he knew, the stabilizer was eaten by an enormous sapient decorator pillow.

But, he told himself, even if San Angeles floats forever in the Emptiness, at least it has an awesome automated Spanish-language station. Mister Famous turned his radio on and got back to work at his makeshift dimensional terminal. The over-modulated Spanish shouting somehow made him feel more at ease.

3. Authority Zero - Mexican Radio – Andiamo