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Paradise Lost
Author Leo
IC Date: 27 August 2219
RL Date: 27 August 2006
Story Arc Reclamation
Location N/A

Sigma is dead. Destroyed by the sacrifices of heroes, consumed by Lumine, the seemingly unstoppable juggernaut has finally disappeared into the ether. There is no more.

The conspirators made their move against a weakened target. Sigma’s bluster was met with the force of Lumine and Ninetails, then other Mavericks. A few holdouts stayed with Sigma as he began his rampage, but the bulk of the Coalition appeared to be supporting the new management of the organization. Without the Sigma Virus binding them together, they had to find a new guiding light. For now, that was retaliation against Sigma for months of destructive policies that had dramatically thinned their number.

The battles against Sigma once more united the world. Every major military power in the world played its hand against the mad beast, but individually they were inadequate to the task. Only when the world began to combine its strength during Sigma’s last stand did he finally fall. It seemed that good would prevail, but then Lumine consumed Sigma’s strength to symbolically complete his overthrow of the Maverick movement. With no other threats in his way, Lumine began to reorganize the confused and wearied Maverick forces to re-create what once was.

In his death throes, Sigma destroyed what seemed to be a persistent threat to Reploid freedom. The core of the Australian government found itself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Obliterated by Sigma, the military assumed emergency powers -- and overturned the policies that banished Reploids. The threat of the virus had passed, according to them, and a new day should dawn in which humans and Reploids could once again live together. Whether the actions taken by previous administrations could be so easily mended is another matter.

With the virus destroyed, the world faces new problems. Legally, cured Mavericks have begun to make legal arguments supported by the precedent set by Blues post-Ra Moon that they could not be held responsible for their actions while infected. The law of the world has so far seemed to favor these Reploids, even with the risk of a persistent Maverick insurgency arising around the world. Now, at any time, any Reploid in the world may go Maverick without warning.

Neo Arcadia now stands alone. The aftermath of their campaign of terror has left them without allies, overt or covert. The people of Mexico are uncertain about the Pantheon renegades. South America’s attitude has been chilled from the statements made by the Pope calling for an end to the Genocide Virus. Australia, which had once implicitly approved of Neo Arcadia, is now directly opposed to Elpizo’s organization. Ciel continues to nurse the recovering Alouette back to health, trying to forget the horrors she allowed her children to unleash for want of courage to stop them...and thinking about a letter she received what feels like a lifetime ago.

A great battle has been won. With it, a strong blow for justice was struck. A new day dawns, and hope has entered the eyes of many for the first time in years. Many believe that this may be the beginning of the return of the Second Renaissance, and the start of a tentative period of improved relations between humans and Reploids. Yet, with any dawn comes the deepening of shadows. This war is far from over.

5. Dave Matthews Band - When The World Ends [Oakenfold Remix] - The Matrix Reloaded OST