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Author Leo
Participants N/A
IC Date: 09 December 2218
RL Date: 09 December 2005
Story Arc Brand New Sky

2219 approaches. The world continues to turn. Wars continue to rage. Vendettas are declared, scuffles break out in the streets; romances begin and end; deals are made and broken. The players change, but the earth remains the same.

The Irregulars were fighting a war on a distant planet for the future of this pockmarked world. Led by Epsilon, the Irregulars did battle against an inhuman, unfeeling enemy for almost a year in anonymity. His Omnidroids and the power of Devilmachine Vocabulary rivaled any force on Earth. They were the shining hope of a world which had lost its ability to see wonder.

They failed.

Driven from the planet, the Irregulars made a desperate attempt to escape back to the Earth. Did they plan to warn us? Marshal an army? Flee into the dark parts of the world and attempt to un-see what they had seen? We may never know. They were lured into a trap and torn apart from within even as they had almost escaped the grasp of their relentless Adversary.

A crippled ship carrying the poison of a distant war crashed into the ruins of another great warzone: Robotropolis, the cursed earth created by endless Robot Master and Maverick battles for dominance. All the great armies of the world attempted to draw the spoils of alien technology, but faced a terror they were unprepared for: Reavers, the robotic creations of an unknown alien intellect. Who made them, and why? Were they only intended to exterminate the Irregulars, or does an alien armada continue to mass its forces just out of our sight, waiting for the best time to strike?

The fiends were defeated on this day by a (relatively) unified world. The Earth, for now, remains safe. But as the days pass, and more is learned, the corridors of power echo with alarm.

As the United States government disassembles the alien ship to find its secrets, it discovers a gruesome discovery. Written in mech-fluid on the floor of the alien spaceship by a former schoolteacher’s finger, moments before she was finally brought down by the Reavers herself, is a single word.


13. Coheed and Cambria - Welcome Home - Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Vol. 1