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Author Leo
IC Date: 04 February 2219
RL Date: 04 February 2006
Story Arc Brand New Sky
Location Mars

The reckoning faced the people of Earth, and they met it with courage and strength. It began with an act of horrific violence; Aile, the friendly Martian artificial intelligence, was hunted down by Patriarch and consumed, his core ripped out for some nefarious purpose. Despite valiant efforts by the Earth teams, Patriarch got away with the core and began to use it under the guidance of his mysterious patron to open the gold door.

The Martian explorers massed their resources and launched an all-out attack against Olympus Mons, the fortress-volcano the Robot Gentlemen had holed themselves up in. It was an epic battle, with nearly endless waves of Reavers battling against a handful of soldiers and scientists from Earth. However, with luck and persistence, a team was able to penetrate the volcano and fight their way to the golden door.

Patriarch awaited their arrival. The seven who has fought into the base – Epsilon, Scarface, Zero, Red, Vile, Lumine and Michael Eildath – did battle against Patriarch. After a hard and grueling display of combat supremacy, it seemed that Vile had managed to strike the Patriarch down. But just as it seemed that victory was assured, the wicked work of Patriarch succeeded. The golden door opened, and renewed power was sent into Patriarch. His purpose was simple: prevent interference with it while it unsealed itself with the Reavers.

A short battle put down Patriarch again, this time by Scarface’s hand. Reinforcements began to arrive as the mysterious figure consumed Patriarch’s body and created a new robotic body for himself, and used it to begin cleaning house against the forces of Earth. Facing this awesome threat, Epsilon awakened the full power of his Eject form and did battle against the sinister foe. Even with his renewed powers, and reinforcements, their opponent would not submit. It began to appear as if the villain would simply walk through the scrappy survivors and begin his destruction of the universe immediately.

However, the true heart of heroism carried the day. Steel Massimo, empowered with the spirit of justice, was able to take advantage of a powerful blow struck by General to defeat the ominous and deadly enemy. He evaporated in a flash of light, and it appeared that the day was saved.

Suddenly, word reached the victors: Dr. Light’s plan was coming to fruition. The various forces fled back to their ships and left the planet just as it experienced rebirth. Dr. Light had somehow found a way to use the Force Metal veins left in the planet from the Stardroid scourging to renew the planet – a sort of planet-level Aid. The people of Earth awakened to see a planet formerly thought to be dead beginning to restore itself.

The Earth has triumphed over a vast and powerful foe today. Will this victory last, or is it only a respite from the war to come? Only time will tell.

4. BT – Satellite – Movement In Still Life