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Author Leo
IC Date: 29 January 2219
RL Date: 29 January 2006
Story Arc Brand New Sky
Location Mars

A reckoning is coming.

Patriarch and the Robot Gentlemen wait patiently in the darkness. Patriarch knows the strength of his enemies now, and finds it wanting. Why continue to consume resources fighting them when, sooner or later, they will turn on themselves? His thoughts instead move inward, considering his new allies. The Robot Overlords provide him with additional strength, and Scott Wily with greater scientific skill. Yet, some allies are best kept at arm’s length; sending Scott back to prepare for his invasion of Earth keeps him from committing treachery against him.

Patriarch’s silent partner grows aware of Aile. Trapped as it is within its tomb, it has only a limited ability to affect change. However, empowered with the core of another of its kind, it could very easily find a way to unlock the door from the outside. Silently and surely, the Reavers begin to canvas the planet, looking for its whereabouts. There are only so many places it could hide. Victory is a mathematical inevitability.

Epsilon, seeing a situation in which even more of his own will die, sent the Irregulars back to Earth to attempt to address the threat of Scott Wily. Privately, he sends them away so that the tide of death could yet be stemmed. Sacrificing himself to save the rest of the movement appears more and more attractive to Epsilon, considering the seemingly endless nature of his foe. His revenge keeps him going even when his hope begins to fail.

The hope of a blissfully ignorant planet resides on the shoulders of these lonely few, facing off against the endless armies of Reavers that support a handful of Robot Gentlemen and a single, malevolent intellect. They must win, or Patriarch, by his own greed and desire for power, will release a force far greater than any the soldiers of Earth have ever faced.

Can the sons of Doppler save countless worlds from the threat that lies behind the gold door? Will Wily’s misbegotten children be the harbingers of a new dark age? What of Scott Wily and his own malevolent plotting?

The reckoning is upon us. Can we rise to the challenge one more time? Or have we used up one chance too many?

3. Rob Dougan - Clubbed to Death - Furious Angels