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Red Right Hand
Author Leo
Participants Alexia Ashford, Death Mantis
IC Date: 23 October 2219
RL Date: 23 October 2006
Story Arc

The systematic advancement of the human race across the Earth was not that dissimilar to ants constructing an enormous anthill. The intricate tunnels, the network of interrelationships, the protection of the Queen -- all of these things were logical, orderly. In their own way, perfect, but not perfect enough.

The world needed order. Craved it. Humanity desired to be led, to be shepherded, to be mastered by someone strong and perfect. Numerous men had risen up over the years to try to be that ideal leader. They tried and failed, and sometimes they tried and died. Elpizo was just another failed experiment, created by a flawed woman. But then again, aren’t all men created by their women?

She looked fondly on her own, kept subdued and sedated. He was a good worker. For now, he would rest here, in their hidden place, oblivious to what would shortly be done. When the time was right, he would awaken in a new world, an ideal world. All humans would be perfected. The robots would learn to service and serve her, and it would be good. A world without war. A world without suffering. Her world.

This planet was due for a change. Without her guidance, without her absolute control, the whole world would soon sink into anarchy. Just look at it, she thought. Just look at what had happened over the past five years! Hundreds of millions had died for the vanity of machines. The world government, a beautiful honeycomb of interlinking systems, had been smashed by vandals. It had been imperfect, but even flawed things can have their own beauty. Such callousness!

They would need to be punished. All of them would need to be brought to heel and taught to obey. She had her ways of addressing these problems. Already, the plan she had spent so long on was in motion. The wicked ones, those who had ruined her beautiful dream, they would suffer first. Then the others, in the fullness of time. Her exile had taught her patience. The wheels were in motion.

The universe, meanwhile, conspired against her perfect web. Someone else, somewhen else, had other designs on all of the possible worlds. Unseen, but not undetected, their efforts continued to move through other worlds and other times. Both seek the peace that would come after the end of the world. Both must be defeated for our world to find its own serenity.

1. Breaking Benjamin - Evil Angel - Phobia