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The Deadly Serpent
Author Leo
IC Date: 06 August 2219
RL Date: 06 August 2006
Story Arc Reclamation
Location N/A

The madness of Sigma grows. The outside world knows that Sigma is entering a downward spiral of aggression and insanity. The discontent in the Maverick ranks is now increasingly obvious even to the dull-witted. There is a revolution coming. With each passing day, the grip of Sigma and his dwindling loyalists on the movement dwindles. The light of Sigma’s charisma can only burn so bright.

The forces aligned against the Mavericks have grown bolder. They were able to launch a direct attack against the Raptor II that, though it was repelled, shook the unassailable confidence of the Mavericks in the supremacy of their battle-station. Their efforts in Australia have been as mired in difficulty as ever. The ADF forces have become incredibly skillful in fighting robots as a result of the constant aggression of the Mavericks and the Robot Masters.

Sigma attempted to rally his flock in Able City with a dangerous gambit. He engaged the Australians at their Hobart naval base, and then led them back into Able City for a dangerous battle. Though the Australians were beaten back from the city, they gained the assistance of the Hunters and the Repliforce in addressing the Maverick peril. With their combined efforts, the ADF was able to severely damage Sigma with ship-mounted cannons. It was a satisfying victory for the anti-Maverick forces, but few people believe that is truly the end of Sigma.

But there is another, more pressing problem. The mutations of the virus have started to become dangerous. There are people in the world who seek to take advantage of the instability of the plague for their own ends. A new, threatening danger is approaching the world; a threat from without that redoubles the threat from within.

Hunched over a holographic keyboard, huddled inside of a drainage pipe somewhere in North America, a man desperately tries to get the contents of his scattered mind out into an electronic communication. To him, the meaning is clear, but to others, it is the insane ramblings of a defective mind. They must listen. They must.

2. Tool - Jambi - 10,000 Days