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The Gentlemen
Author Leo
IC Date: 14 January 2219
RL Date: 14 January 2006
Story Arc Brand New Sky
Location Mars

The ships arrived, four in all. Repliforce sent its Comet, and the Hunters drove their Winnebago. The Robot Masters and the Robot Overlords shared a Wily Outhouse, with the Irregulars arriving in their copied version. They found the same good area to land in, and a few tense moments passed while each group sized each other up.

They arrived from the west. Patriarch, the dark reflection of King, stood before them with his Robot Gentlemen around him. They were all Robot Masters, yet not; neither Wily was able to command them.

The Irregulars struck first, lashing out at the Gentlemen, then the Overlords. A melee started that threatened to be broken up by Repliforce and the Hunters. But then, he came: Epsilon, appearing out of the darkness like a curse, descended upon the Gentlemen, striking one down in one blow. He charged Patriarch, and there was a brief and mostly one-sided exchange as Patriarch and his Gentlemen gave Epsilon and his Irregulars a severe beating. Patriarch, having done what he set out to do, declared his intent to return in two days time, and then vanished in a flash of Blink energy.

Badly damaged, Epsilon and the remaining forces of Repliforce and the Hunters had a brief meeting. Dr. Wily arrived, increasing the tension until Dr. Light, in a show of force, asserted order. This encouraged the Irregulars to depart, returning to their own ship to plan their next move.

The Mavericks arrived, and Vile attempted to assert command over the Earth party. The others resisted, and the Mavericks were repelled. Shortly afterward, the Mavericks introduced themselves to the Robot Gentlemen with weapons fire, becoming a nominal part of the forces arrayed against them. Yet, their allegiances remain unclear, and the threat of the Sigma Virus hangs heavy over everyone.

A meeting occurred later between the Robot Gentlemen, the Hunters and Repliforce. An attempt to learn more about the situation was disrupted by the arrival of Bjorn 2 Kill via space pod. Patriarch and the Robot Gentlemen left in disgust, and our heroes headed back to the encampment to see that Scarface had also arrived to buttress the Irregular forces, helping to tip the odds back in the favor of Earth’s explorers.

Small skirmishes continued to occur across the planet as the representatives of Earth explored the planet and forwarded their own agendas. Not everyone present has the Earth’s best interests in mind, while others have longer term plans to complete. All the while, Patriarch’s patience begins to thin, and his need to find the tools he needs increases. However, he has a new asset to assist him in his intrigues, which may shift the balance once more in his favor.

1. Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Discovery