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The Law Of Fives
Author Leo
Participants Teresa Magrevich, Madeline Stafford
IC Date: 29 October 2219
RL Date: 29 October 2006
Story Arc

"Is she dead?" asked Number One, sitting in the void of space on her favorite wicker chair. She enjoyed the view of the planet, the holochamber showing the world yawning beneath and the stars dotting infinity above.

"They got her, yes'm," Madeline answered. "I saw her go down. There's no way anyone could have lived through what they dished out. Her and her Nemesis, both of them are done for."

"She wasn't supposed to live through Raccoon City either," Number One said. "You did not secure the body. For all we know, she is still alive."

"I didn't have the time to."

"You didn't have the time to."

"No ma'am, I did not."

Number One sighed. "There is always the time to be thorough, Number Eight."

Madeline looked down. "I apologize for my failure, Number One. Operational integrity had already been breached and I did not wish to be captured, necessitating more resources --"

"Enough," Number One said, firmly. "If she is alive, she will no doubt turn up again, and on this occasion we will have the countermeasure in place. You retrieved the needed samples?"

Madeline looked up again with a look of relief on her face, nodding. "Yes. I captured an ant queen and a phial of the live culture. Both have been filed with Research per your instructions."

Number One smiled in the darkness. It was similar, Madeline thought, to a glacier losing a sheet in warm weather. "Very good, Number Eight. The operation was not a total loss, then. Alexia Ashford has been defeated, and one of her highly expensive Nemesis units has been destroyed. With this latest iteration of the T-Virus in our hands, we are well on our way to finding a solution to her surviving associates' challenge to our supremacy once and for all."

Number One gestured out of the darkness toward Madeline. "We are done here. Dismissed, Number Eight."

Madeline took her leave. It was always disconcerting walking across what seemed to be empty space. How Number One managed not to get vertigo sitting in the darkness was a mystery she would need to answer another day.