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The Secret Of Force Metal
Author Leo
Participants N/A
IC Date: 09 October 2218
RL Date: 09 October 2005
Story Arc Brand New Sky

On February 19th, 2213, almost two hundred thousand people, humans and Reploids alike, lost their lives when the Starhaven fell onto the megacity of Vancouver in British Columbia. The devastation was absolute, and the crater left behind filled with surging ocean waters. An entire city was lost beneath the waves, seemingly never to rise again. Most of the dead could not be reclaimed to be properly buried – the cost of sending dive teams down through the ruins was too high, especially when so much had to be spent on a war without end.

Years passed, and the horror was forgotten. There was bread, there were circuses. New distractions arose to occupy the minds of the public. New Stardroid threats came and went. The Mavericks waxed in power, a continent was cleansed, and a desperate humanity began to rally behind new causes in an effort to assert their failing dominance over a world they had sold away for comforts and conveniences.

As if from an infected wound, nature began to die around the Vancouver crater in recent years. Many believed it was from industrial waste, alien radiation or some other manner of malady that would poison the whole land. This curse seemingly transformed into a blessing when it was revealed by survey teams that the cause of the ruin was a significant deposit of Force Metal.

Overnight, the world political map changed. Canada was now in the position of being a dominant player in international politics, and the United States was left in the undesirable position of being between their friendly neighbor to the north and every major military power in the world. The Repliforce was called in to secure the site, but attacks have already begun – even as mining contracts are drawn up, and a proposed corporate colony is rapidly approaching approval.

This proposed series of atolls and floating rigs, this Giga City, would be a place where only Reploids could survive for long. They would work in the mines, they would refine the metal using the technologies available to them, and in time they may be able to turn this magical mineral into something useful ... to someone. Fears of Maverick sabotage are being softened by the naked greed of world leaders, corporate tycoons and the heads of various military and para-military organizations.

But there are other hands that have not yet been played. Epsilon knew more about Vancouver than he ever let on to his organization, and the preparations that seemed random at the time now begin to come into terrible focus. The Irregulars are massing in Canada, and this time they have the one thing their brilliant, twisted master always sought: the element of surprise.

4. A Perfect Circle -- Gimme Gimme Gimme -- eMOTIVe