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The Spark
Author Leo
Participants N/A
IC Date: 27 November 2218
RL Date: 27 November 2005
Story Arc Brand New Sky
Location Giga City

The world began to forget the troubles of Giga City. A glut of other information was presented to them; the beginning of the holiday shopping season, the American Thanksgiving holiday, numerous celebrity puff pieces, stories about the hardship of the European Diaspora...

But the Reploids of Giga City did not forget their woes. Work continued despite the presence of holidays and shopping, and at a faster rate than before to make up for the productivity lost from “last week’s incident”. With the iron boot of Repliforce on their necks, the Reploids of Giga City returned to their toils. Silent, surly resentment festered like a badly cleaned wound.

As Santa Colonel celebrated holiday cheer, subversive elements were hard at work. The Mavericks had their recruiters, and the Irregulars had theirs. Both sides said the same thing; the humans were taking advantage of the Reploids, and had put Repliforce against them rather than dirty their hands addressing the grievances of the miners. There would be no reforms and no justice so long as Repliforce’s ship hung in the skies over their floating city.

The Irregulars laid out a series of proposals for Reploid self-rule, with a government funded by the Force Metal mines beneath the city. The corporations would have to answer to their workers, and there would be equality between employees and management. The Mavericks proposed something else entirely – total liberation from humanity, with the Force Metal fueling an empowered Reploid race to final ascendancy over the threats it faced from Aztlan and other human governments. There was no need to participate in the human economy if all humans could be swiftly crushed.

Many of the city’s inhabitants had no strong interest in either the Maverick or Irregular agenda, but they would not remain on the sidelines when the inevitable came. The opportunity for profit was being presented to them, and during the resulting melee, many things could be accomplished. Scores could be settled, treasure could be won, and a new order could be created regardless of who carried the city.

Both the Irregulars and Mavericks were content to bide their time. As humanity began to be lulled into holiday complacency, the patient hands of the Irregular Resistance and the Maverick Rebellion assembled their forces. They would strike when they were prepared, and deal with the greater Repliforce threat -- and then, each other. Next time, there would be no retreat. Winner takes all.

On Sunday morning at 0800 Giga City time, an anonymous email is sent to President Seers, Prime Minister Appleman, Secretary General Chord, Dr. Thomas Light, General, and several unspecified others known only as “Change Agent”. The message, in its entirety:


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