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Personal Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Faction Independent
Function The Messenger
Technical Specifications
Primary Faith
Type Energy
Secondary Redemption
Type Sonic
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Theme Song

Character Data

"They come to me seeking the redemption that only I can give them."


Ezekiel "Daemon" Dimitri has always been fascinated with robots, wanting to find out what made them tick. That in itself was not so much of a problem, at least until that fascination ran to taking them apart to examine them in detail. Things came to a head at college, when a heated argument with a Reploid professor led to him tearing the Reploid open and taking his core. On the run from the law, he fell in with the Raiders initially for protection but then later aligned himself with their goals. Daemon believes that the true path to world peace is either robot genocide or having all of Reploidkind submit to serving humanity. If Reploidkind will not serve humanity willingly, theres ways they can be forced, and if that involves turning hundreds or thousands of reploids into household appliances then so be it.


Mad Science, Hooking Brains Up To Household Appliances, Turning You Into A Toaster, Playing the Piano, Almost a Doctor, But Got Kicked Out During the Last Year, Debraining Your Professor Tends to Cause that to Happen, Vague Christian Theming, Didn't Torture Rabbits, But Does Torture Roombas, And That's TOTALLY DIFFERENT, Guys, Come On, May Cause the Robot Matrix to Happen, May Also Cause Robot Zombies to Happen, Dies The Fire