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Damian Wolfe
Just A Gardener
Just A Gardener
Personal Information
Real Name Damian Wolfe
Race Werewolf
Gender Male
Creator/s His Parents
Birth Date October 12, 2199
Faction Grave
Function Gardener
Technical Specifications
Primary Wolf Claw
Type Blade
Secondary Lunatic Fang
Type Blade
Buster Colors Grey and Brown
OOC Information
Game Megaman Star Force
Theme Song

Character Data

"I never asked for this to happen, but I'm going to have to live with it."


A gardener by trade, Damian Wolfe's life was thrown into shambles during Ragnarok, where he was bitten by the infectious insects released by Alexia Ashford. Treated as a potential zombie despite never contracting the disease, he was isolated and ostracized by others. Fertile ground for the FMians, he was briefly possessed by Wolf Woods. After being freed from the energy being's control, his life seemed on the mend, but fate again played him a bad hand - one night, he was attacked by a werewolf and infected with lycanthropy. Blaming fellow werewolf Jon Talbain for his affliction and hunted by B.B. Hood, Damian found unlikely allies in Grave, who twice rescued him from Hood's attacks and are searching for a way to treat his disease while giving him a chance to learn how to control it. A good-natured man, though often sullen because of his condition, he works again as a garder for Bly and Luna, save for the full moon of each month, when he transforms into a savage beast. He's still learning to control his powers, but can transform at will at great need or under stress.


Half-Japanese, Half-Scottish, Received Pronunciation, Brogue Comes Out When He's Stressed, Angst, Flips Out And Goes Crazy Every Full Moon, Still Getting The Hang of This, Has A Chinese Menu In His Hand, Walks Through The Streets Of Soho In The Rain, Looks For A Place Called Lee Ho Fook's, Howling Around The Kitchen Door, Ran Amuk In Kent, Overheard In Mayfair, Drinking A Piña Colada At Trader Vic's, Perfect Hair


Damian Wolfe was a gardener by trade, the son of a poor but happy family in London. Never rich or popular growing up, Damian found his greatest affinity to be with plants, and he's worked with them all of his adult life. He had few real friends, but was known as a dedicated and caring man.

During Ragnarok, however, all of this was turned on its head. During the initial onset of the plague, Damian was bitten by infected insects released by Alexia Ashford as part of her attack on the civilized world. Damian, one of the rare individuals with natural immunity to the T-Virus, was ostracized by others who considered him a zombie waiting to happen.

After Ragnarok, mistrusted and cast out by everyone who cared for him, Damian took to drinking, trying to drown his sorrows away, living on the outskirts of society and sleeping in the parks rather than trying to obtain housing again. Despondent and desperate, he was ideal fodder for the FMians. Possessed by Wolf Woods, he attacked London, only to be stopped by Geo Stelar and his allies.

Freed from Wolf Woods's control, Damian slowly entered life again. He found housing in an East Side council estate, taking work as a night groundskeeper for several of the local businesses. It wasn't much of a life, but it was a life.

One night in 2226, Wolfe was in his normal routine when he saw what looked like a large wild dog prowling around the area. When he went to investigate what he found was a large wolf, a hulking beast with blue-grey fur and red glowing eyes. It lunged at him, biting him in one arm. Wolfe hit the creature with his flashlight, stunning it for mere seconds - but long enough for him to get inside and slam the door shut. He ran... and didn't stop running until he was certain he wasn't being followed. Somehow he had escaped with his life.

It was several months before he figured out that something was wrong. Damian would pass out on the night of the full moon, waking up the next morning naked and tired. It was only when he woke up covered in blood that he started to guess that he wasn't just tired or sick.

It was soon after this that he met Jon Talbain. The other man filled him in on what he'd become: a werewolf. He tried to teach Damian how to adapt to life as a lycanthrope, but Damian's only interest was in supressing the curse. He took to lining his house with poisonous wolfsbane, hoping to slow the progression of his disease. Talbain stressed that he could control his lupine form with time and practice, but Damian wanted only to find a cure. During this time, he began to suspect that Jon was, in fact, the one who had cursed him in the first place.

Things came to a head shortly afterwards. Attacked by B.B. Hood during a meeting with Jon, Damian was approached by members of Grave who wanted to help him. While he wouldn't tell them what he'd become, they offered him assistance and protection from hood.

In February of 2228, Hood destroyed his home, trapping him outside during the full moon. Forced to call for help, he was subdued by Bly and Aino Neitola while Mach Thi Tien fought off B.B. Hood. Taken into custody by Grave, the sympathy of Bly has allowed him an opportunity to finally gain control over his life once again.


  • If you guessed that his werewolf form looked something like an organic Wolf Woods you wouldn't be far off...
  • Practices bonsai as a way to connect with his Japanese roots - his father, while ethnically Japanese, lived his whole life in London.
  • Tends to break into his mother's brogue when extremely stressed.
  • Something of a wallflower, if wallflowers turned into hulking hunger monsters once a month.
  • Habitually used aconite as a means to temper his transformations, despite the plant being poisonous.


  • 2228-02-09: Secret Garden - Tien introduces Ceri to her werewolf friend. Cerisier adds a new monster to her pokédex and a new secret to her secretdex.