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Dark Kirisaki
Dark Kirisaki.JPG
Personal Information
Race Strider
Gender Male
Birth Date October 13, 2207.
Serial Number ????
Faction Unified Army
Function The Morbid Reaper
Technical Specifications
Primary Hell's Gathering Vengeance
Type Blade
Secondary Reaper's Chase
Type Blade
Buster Colors Violet & Red
OOC Information
Game Megaman Battle Network 6
Voice Actor William Beckett (Lead Singer - The Academy Is...)
Theme Song See +soundtrack

Character Data

"I'm not depressed. Just quiet."


Dark Kirisaki is effortlessly hip but hates every minute of it. Born in an isolated settlement in the east of China, Kirisaki's Strider genetics were discovered at a young age. He was taken from his home by agents of Grandmaster Meio and put into training in the mountains under the iron hand of Dark Miyabi. Years of brutal training honed Kirisaki and his (surviving) comrades into remorseless human weapons, but Kirisaki became Miyabi's favorite for his similar demeanor and seemingly unbreakable willpower. Laconic and aloof, Kirisaki is much like his mentor but with a more sardonic edge. An "old soul", Kirisaki has a dark sensibility, enjoying gloomy settings and the celebration of the dance of life and death. He likes the finer, darker things in life, but has no real concern for 'image'. The heart of Kirisaki's coolness comes from his ability to laugh both at himself and the foibles of others, seeing all of life as a farce. Because of Kirisaki's bulletproof self-image and "goth" appearance, Kirisaki's peer Miyu is entirely taken with him. Kirisaki does not reciprocate Miyu's fondness, which does not deter her affection. Kirisaki specializes in the use of the sickle and scythe, but also is trained in the use of conventional firearms.


Close Quarters Combat, Covert Operations, Languages (English, Chinese, Japanese, French), Science (Agriculture), Affably Evil, Among The Beautiful People, Wicked Cultured, Lance Henriksen As A Teenager, Not A Goth, They Pay Too Much For Everything And They All Dress The Same, Wears What Looks Good, Please Stop Telling Me To Cheer Up, I Always Look Like This, Murder Is A Job Not A Lifestyle




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