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Dark Man
Dark Man.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Blues "Protoman" Light
Code Name Dark Man
Race Android
Gender Male
Birth Date October 26, 2199
Serial Number DRN-000
Faction Robot Masters
Function Hero Killer
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Covert Operations
Secondary Specialty Hero Killer
Weapons Dark Buster, Knives, Explosives, The Shape Of Your Loved Ones
Primary Dark Buster
Type Energy
Secondary Dark Buster Breaker
Type Energy
Buster Colors Gray & Red
OOC Information
Game Megaman 5
Theme Song

Character Data

"There are no heroes."


Dark Man is serving out his own death sentence. When Blues Light was killed at the end of Ragnarok, Doctor Wily was given his remains. Using what was left of Blues, Wily created Dark Man, a faceless monstrosity that shares little with the mech he was made from. Aloof and sardonic, Dark Man embraces Doctor Wily's vision of the future with complete certainty that Wily's methods and goals are correct. Believing that the Robot Masters have become soft since Doctor Wily 'died' at the hands of the Alpha Hunters, Dark Man's intent is simple: to eradicate the enemies of Wily and to destroy the Alpha Hunters for the crimes they have committed. Known for his moments of shocking cruelty and mean-spirited humor, Dark Man strikes terror into the hearts of millions. Armed with a Buster and an Emulate system, Dark Man is a far greater threat to world peace than Blues ever was. While Blues may have been a terror in his final days, there is no question today about who or what Dark Man is now; a willing servant of the evil Doctor Wily.


Acidic Wit, Poor Sense Of Humor, Dangerous Cunning, Adaptability, Can Be Anyone -- Even You, Casual Violence, Atrocity Is Hilarious, The Butcher, The Dragon (For Disc 2), Evil Counterpart, Fake Boss, Fallen Hero, Fallen So Hard He Fell Twice, Prole Of A Nebulous Evil Organization, The Punishment (Has Not Even Begun To Fit The Crime), Red Right Hand, Supervillain, This Is Her Idea Of Justice




  • 2224-07-21: Rot Topic - Robot Masters take over an entire mall to steal one single small item. Also Jewel Man is the tastiest.
  • 2225-05-19: ...Must Come To An End - One shall stand. One shall fall.
  • 2225-05-21: Wily Hour - Classic - Dr. Wily and friends discuss current events with their usual sensitivity.
  • 2228-01-25: ULTRONQUEST: Savage Land Node - The Robot Masters embark on a campaign against Ultron, first striking a mining operation in the Savage Land.
  • 2228-02-06: ULTRONQUEST: Bywater Node - The Robot Masters track Ultron's operations to a dimensional observatory in Bywater, Louisiana. They encounter a HERO.
  • 2228-02-14: ULTRONQUEST: Primary Node - The Robot Masters engage in a massive assault on Ultron's fortress.
  • 2228-06-21: Happy Father's Day - Slur launches a massive attack on the prison holding 2240's version of Dr. Wily.
  • 2228-12-16: Santa Wily - Winter is Coming - Dr. Wily occupies Harvard Square and compels co-eds to serve as elves in a mad scheme... to delight children?? This can't end well.
  • 2229-06-16: The Dark Man of Venus - Dark Man randomly attacks a starforce outpost on Venus. Impromptu interviews and combat ensue.
  • 2229-12-01: To Gather Peaceably - Dark Man visits a demonstration protesting the emergence of U.N Sec-Gen Wily. To everyone's great shock, it does not end peaceably.
  • 2230-03-08: Ben Kavinsky Memorial - Bright Man, the RMs and GENOCIDE take a day to honor Ben, and Versus shows up.
  • 2230-07-19: The Hyperconductor Heist - Nuclear Roach leads an attack on the Dotonbori Megaplex in Japan with Dark Man, Heretic and Moondyne Mouse for sensitive data and parts... but for what?
  • 2230-08-02: Whats Rightfully Ours - Heretic is looking for something in old Maverick ruins. Moondyne Mouse, Dark and Shadow Man come along to help him find it.
  • 2230-08-06: Sentry The Defiant - Castle Bilstein must fall, but it has a dangerous defender.
  • 2230-08-11: The Battle For Zeta - Part 2 - The final confrontation between Emperor Bilstein and the forces of Omega.
  • 2230-08-16: Goblin Raid - Completely out of the blue, goblins from another world raid a fireworks factory on the Texas border.
  • 2230-11-15: Big Stick - Resistance and incursion in GENOCIDE-occupied Sri Lanka begins to come to a head!
  • 2230-11-29: The Dark Man of Egypt - Ferham encounters Dark Man up to no good over Giza, so she decides to give him the Ham-Jam!
  • 2231-02-18: Asteroids - Rock starts a campaign of harassing mining operations in RM space. Expect roughousing and shenanigans.
  • 2231-02-19: Venus Needs Nitrogen - Dr. Wily enlists GENOCIDE to raid the largest cryogenic nitrogen plant on Earth in Campenche, Mexico. Along the way he gets into a fight with a group of belligerent space pirates for crossing into their turf. Things escalate as they tend to do.
  • 2231-03-06: The Wily Hour - Darque Mistress Power Hour - Dr. Wily sponsors a plucky young upstart in her effort to become THE DARQUEST MISTRESS in a Wily Hour that will surely not be a train wreck of psychosexual memes.An Elvira reference will be made in every pose round.
  • 2231-03-13: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - Dr. Wily, settling into his role as the grandfather to a variety of weird Stevenson robots, takes the Pseudoroids out with some Robot Masters to teach them how to do a proper seasonally themed raid.
  • 2231-03-15: A Real Hard Time - Hard Man joins Dark Man and Moondyne Mouse in the bar and grill on the space skull for a little R&R.
  • 2231-03-18: Mousiplicity - Dark Man decides to hit Moondyne up to expand his toolkit. Later, Moondyne and Anthem square off over radio with hilarious results!
  • 2231-03-21: Touchdown on Venus - Unity attempt to establish a Front on Venus, Robot Masters and Genocide respond.
  • 2231-04-18: Find the Needle - After discovering the RMs are conducting dimensional raids, Unity decides to crash the Space Skull to... raid the vehicle bay?
  • 2231-05-01: Isolated System - Third time's a charm. A battle in the alternate future over data from the past. Omni Bass' agenda becomes clearer.
  • 2231-05-28: A Man's Most Crushing Loss - Through no fault of Omni Bass' own, the world of 2241 is reset.

Cut Scenes

  • 2231-03-21: A Time to Reflect - Dark Man reflects upon a recent, and painful, lesson