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Dark Mantis
Dark Mantis.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Dark Mantis
Code Name Mantis
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Birth Date August 8, 2218
Serial Number CLASSIFIED
Function Black Ops
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Black Ops
Secondary Specialty Assassinations
Primary Shadow Runner
Type Blade Energy
Secondary Rasetsusen
Type Blade
OOC Information
Game Megaman X8
Theme Song

Character Data

"You just can't get over the idea that you're not safe."


The shadiest of Gate's children, Dark Mantis is as one would think, a calculating stealth specialist capable of infiltrating the most secure facilities even in complete darkness. In truth, Dark Mantis loses interest in things very quickly, but knows to keep his boredom silent. He likes to show off just how good he is when given half a chance, the problem being he's so good at what he does that people hardly ever notice his efforts to /be/ noticed. Attached to his forearms are scythe blades which can extend to great lengths. If those don't cut it when paired with his incredible agility, he houses a weapon system that creates dark energy boomerangs. These weapons, called Shadow Runners, emit no light, and can home in on a target with no need to worry about environmental factors messing up Mantis's aim. Some jest that he was created specifically to antagonize Interpol for revenge, but they make sure neither Dark Mantis or Gate overhear this.


Professional On The Outside, Wannabe On The Inside, Showing Off, Doing It In The Dark, Living In Fear Of The Female Of The Species, omgninja #12532