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Dark Miyabi
Dark Miyabi.jpg
Personal Information
Race Strider
Gender Male
Birth Date Classified
Serial Number Classified
Email Classified
Faction Unified Army
Function The Exemplar
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Teacher of the Strider Arts
Secondary Specialty Whatever Else Is Required of Him
Weapons Bokken, Martial Arts, Nihonto, Ninjato, Shinai, Tachi, Tanto, Wakizashi
Primary Assassination
Type Blade
Secondary Monkey Style
Type Physical
Buster Colors Purple & Lilac
OOC Information
Game Megaman Battle Network 2
Theme Song

Character Data

"I am my master's instrument."


Dark Miyabi is one of Grandmaster Meio's students. Little is known of Miyabi's early life except that he was apparently all but raised by Meio personally in one of his mountain fortresses. A man of exceptional martial arts skill, Dark Miyabi has gradually been involved with fewer field operations in favor of giving more attention to his primary task of mentoring the next generation of young Striders in the Grandmaster's stead. Dark Miyabi is known within Ouroboros for his absolute loyalty to the Grandmaster, as well as his virtuoso talent with a blade. Miyabi is also considered to be one of the most boring human beings in all of Ouroboros. Absurdly stoic, Miyabi rarely bats an eye at even the most unusual events and appears to not have an emotional investment in anything. He has never smiled in public that anyone is aware of, appears to have no interest in women (or men), and doesn't drink, smoke, drive too fast or even tear the tags off mattresses. Miyabi appears to live entirely to do the Grandmaster's will, and does not appear to have a single scheme of his own. Miyabi's nearly perfect denial of self has caused him to be believed to be a Zen Buddhist holy man on several occasions. Many in Ouroboros are patiently waiting for him to wink out of existence one day as he becomes one with the wheel of Dharma. Or sneezes.


Assassination, Close Quarters Combat, Concealed Weaponry, Covert Operations, Languages (most), Martial Arts (most), Military Science, Ninjitsu, Aloof Big Brother, The Dragon (But Not The Serpent), Made Of Iron, Ninjas Wear Purple, Boring, Really Boring, Makes Siarnaq Seem Like A Toastmaster, Sleeps With Both Eyes Open, Will Never Not Be Apped




  • 2227-09-27: Strider In the Old West - Ouroboros drops in on 1877, when injustice against Chinese railworkers was rampant.
  • 2227-10-27: Make A Statement - Dr. Wily holds a protest against the UN and gets stabbed to death. Just as planned.

Cut Scenes