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Personal Information
Code Name Daryn
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Faction Grave
Function Number 12: Ace of Pentacles
Assignment N. Explosion
Technical Specifications
Primary Madeline
Type Blade
Secondary Exotic Weapon Proficiency - You
Type Physical
Buster Colors White & Red
OOC Information
Theme Song

Character Data

"I always suspected a race of dinosaur men lived under the Hawaiian Volcano chain, but you guys could've told me I was right earlier!"


Daryn's toughness is eclipsed only by his bravery. It is said that Daryn's sister joined the Coalition in order to protect him from being murdered by the Maverick Cleansing Corps and that this had driven Daryn mad. Nevertheless, he seems to have gotten over it now and his courage has only grown as a result as a man once too afraid to live now too brave to die. They say this is one Madeline Stafford's effect on him and he appears to seriously love her and The Rocker gets particularly enraged when people fail to take Maddy seriously. Artistic, Daryn tends to treat the world as if it follows some sort of artistic rules as if it were a kind of story. What is unnerving is how often he is right. Though claiming to be a villain, Daryn has a fondness for the world and fights to protect it from utter destruction: A motive, he claims, that leads him to working for Grave.


Being Loud, Screaming, Singing, Hard Rock, Lyrics, Guitar Playing, Really Likes Swords, Ranting, Potty Mouth, It's Not Breaking The Fourth Wall If You Consider This Dimension As Merely One Part Of An Infinite Other Dimensions, Storytelling, Limb Loss, Tragicomedy, Waking Up As Someone Else, HOLD ON, That's A Good Song Title, Breaking Glass With His Face, Tanking Tanks, Holding Optimus Prime Hostage, Rated D, A Relationship So Sweet It Gives You Diabetes, Using The Power Of Friendship, All About Style, Shortening The Length Of Dungeon Crawls, Save The Pink Haired Girl, Save The World?