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Dash Volnutt
Megaman Trigger
Megaman Trigger
Personal Information
Real Name ???
Code Name Dash
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Creator/s Dr. Caskett
Birth Date August 21, 2201?
Serial Number REDACTED
Faction Versus
Function Legendary Digger
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Spare Megaman
Secondary Specialty Spare Captain Commando
Weapons WCS & Variable Arm
Primary Shining Laser
Type Energy
Secondary Active Buster
Type Explosive
Buster Colors Two-Tone Blue
OOC Information
Game Megaman Legends
Voice Actor Will Friedle
Theme Song

Character Data

“Let’s just go and find out for ourselves.”


Like most Diggers, Dash Volnutt has had an interesting life. As a teenager, Dash was horrifically wounded in a Robot Master attack and then used as an expendable test subject by the United Nations for a radical cybernetic project. With no memory of his past, Dash was easily convinced to fight terrorists. He spent the following years serving Interpol, Repliforce, and Star Force, specializing in search-and-rescue missions. Dash’s frequent rescues of Diggers sparked a career change when he decided that he could both help others and indulge his adventurousness by becoming a Digger himself. His courage and tireless heroism have made him a legend in the Digger community, where his distinctive armor and huge arsenal earned him the nickname Megaman Trigger. Dash’s sense of drive and do-it-yourself nature often gets him deep into trouble before he realizes it, but he’s always ready to fight his way back out. His desire to do good for Earth’s new explorers made a Versus invitation easy to accept (and the adventure is a plus).


Ruins Exploration, Circle Strafing, Dodge Rolling, Mining, Vacuuming, Putting Out Fires, Unknown Past, Promising Future, Get Distracted Collecting Crystals for Five Seconds and Suddenly You’re Trapped in Reaver Hell, This Drill-Hand of Mine Is Burning Red, This Hand Does a Lot Actually, Including the Aforementioned Vacuuming, Mostly Vacuuming, So Much Vacuuming


Dash Volnutt has no memory of his life before becoming a cyborg. His earliest memory is of the hazy moments of consciousness as he was treated. He had no memory of his parents' deaths, or of the initial attack that left him nearly dead. He faded in and out of consciousness, hearing fragments of the discussions. Things about being the UN's hero, a contemporary Captain Commando, someone who could inspire like Rock. All memories that have always been a bit jumbled in his head.

Manipulated free will seemed like the way to go. Without his memories, he was told that he had a second chance now, they didn't know who he was, but they could only hope that he'd help defend the world. Obviously he didn't turn out to be the project they'd hoped for, but it couldn't hurt to make the best of it.

He wasn't difficult to convince. He had no life to hold onto or go back to, and for a fully converted cyborg, he seemed exceptionally comfortable in his new body. So he began combat training, being prepared to join Interpol. It was during this time that Doctor Barrel Casket learned what his research was being used for, and approached Dash himself. He said that he'd raise him like a proper son, that he didn't have to be the tool of these people, or their experiment. Dash agreed, but he still felt a responsibility. He had all of this potential, he should at least -try- to make the world a better place so that no one else has to suffer.

So his life began. He lived with Dr. Caskett, no longer an experiment. Caskett threatened to legally fight for Dash's rights as a person, but the UN backed down, wanting no part in such a PR nightmare for what was essentially a failed experiment. And at the very least, he could still be watched in the field for if he ever showed promise.

He eventually moved to Repliforce, then Star Force over many years, specializing in search and rescue missions. He often rescued Diggers, using his drill arm to tenaciously find survivors, never wanting to leave anyone behind. He enjoyed the adventure, but he just wasn't the type for all of the police procedure and paperwork. He wanted to just go out and do things. So he decided to be a Digger, where he could adventure as much as he liked, and rescue people along the way.

Eventually his large arsenal of weapons and distinctive armor earned him the nickname Megaman Trigger amongst Diggers. And soon after he accepted an invitation to join Versus, where he could continue his digging and adventuring with faction support.


  • Nobody really knows what Dash originally looked like, even his face is a creation of the scientists who rebuilt him.
  • Hates paperwork.



Under Construction!


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