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Denise Marmalade
Denise Marmalade.jpg
Personal Information
Race Strider
Gender Female
Birth Date Fun times.
Serial Number Secured.
Faction Unified Army
Divisions Security Section
Function Hapless Cop
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Writing Traffic Tickets
Secondary Specialty Throwing Ride Armors
Weapons Bare hands, custom power armor "Blind Justice"
Primary Judo Flip
Type Physical
Secondary Thrown Crate
Type Physical
Buster Colors Blue & Silver
OOC Information
Game The Misadventures of Tron Bonne
Voice Actor Nadine Rabinovitch
Theme Song +soundtrack Denise

Character Data

"Don't worry sir, I'll get it right /this/ time!"


A perennial screw up, yet a tenacious one, Sgt. Denise Marmalade always tries her best, even if her best tends to never be good enough. Be it due to bad luck, bad situation, or simply doing the absolute wrong thing at the wrong time, she never seems to be able to get things right. Having been assigned to the Bonne Family investigation since the pirates first appearance, she has the most extensive knowledge of anyone else about the Bonne brothers (and the Bonne sister!), but it doesn't help. Always one step ahead of her, like everyone and everything else in her life, they, especially Tron in particular, have become somewhat of an obsession for her. Deceptively strong and resilient, she's managed to survive through the dozens of mishaps she's been involved in, most of which could've easily killed the average human. After the fall of Interpol, Denise was briefly assigned to STARS, but didn't end up suiting the group during its transfer to Repliforce. From here, she moved to Texas, working for the nation-state in their power armor divisions. However, she still has her sight on more international pursuits, and stopping the Bonnes in particular.


Throwing Boxes, Tossing Boxes, Lobbing Boxes, Flinging Boxes, Boxes in Boxes, Boxes on Boxes, Big Boxes, Small Boxes, Box Expert, Box Engineer, Box Technician, Box Tamer, PhD in Box Studies, Might Have a Box Fetish, Hiding in Boxes, Hiding in Smaller Boxes, Hiding in Boxes That She Throws, Throwing Boxes at Tron Bonne, Throwing Boxes at Teisel Bonne, Even Throwing Boxes at Bon Bonne, Thinking with Boxes, A Veritable Cornucopia of Boxes, I'll Get You Next Time!, Dramatic Entry? No Just Late.



Flipped the Goliath once!