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Depth Dragoon
The Fishtaur
The Fishtaur
Personal Information
Real Name Depth Dragoon
Code Name ?
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Creator/s Hera Corp
Birth Date April 16th, 2219
Serial Number HCM 2691
Faction Unified Army
Divisions Defense Section
Function Marine Commando
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Amphibious Combat
Secondary Specialty Naval Patrol
Weapons Electric Lance, Shield, Electromagnetics
Primary Destructive Blow
Type Force
Secondary Thunder Brigade
Type Electric
Buster Colors Magenta and Green
OOC Information
Game Mega Man X Command Mission
Voice Actor TBA
Theme Song Kajiwotore - Berserk OST

Character Data

"Your leg got blown apart? Walk it off, soldier..."


Rugged, tough, and responsible, Depth Dragoon is in many ways a model soldier, if an unusual one. Built as a mounted unit, Depth Dragoon's body is fixed atop a large seahorse, making him ungainly out of combat, though he considers the effectiveness of being his own mount well-worth it, using his lance and electrical attacks to devastating effect. Depth Dragoon sees himself as a white knight, standing up for those who can't help themselves. While devoted to his cause and all but fearless, his single-minded nature can put him out of his depth against more cunning and rational foes.


Amphibious Combat, Naval Special Operations, Mounted Combat, Marching Formations, Knight In Fish Armor, Combat Addiction, Duels Only, Tactics Specialty: CHARGE, Won't Allow You To Die Without His Permission, Will Take Villains To The Bank ... The Blood Bank, No Items, Fish Only, Final Destination


Depth Dragoon started life nameless and formless in the laboratories of HeraCorp, given the choice of a form and a lifestyle. After much research, Depth found himself fascinated by the history of knights and armored warriors, particularly mounted infantry known as dragoons. This, combined with stories of bravery in battles ancient and modern, cemented his desire to fight for the rule of law and justice, and just get into fights in general. He chose his unusual configuration to be just like the ancient dragoons, in a high tech setting. Thus he became Depth Dragoon.

He joined Repliforce and passed basic training with flying colors, and became a naval unit for their sea forces officially in November, just after Elpizo's Genocide virus. For many years he was just a grunt in a sea of dedicated soldiers; he guarded dimensional rifts, fought the pirate forces of Indonesia under the orders of Duff McWhalen, killed MANY zombies and other monsters during Ragnarok, and clashed with Maverick remnants after the fall of Able 2. His lust for combat caused him to seek new, interesting opponents and he became renowned for his bravery in the line of fire.

Delivering Justice, One Stab At A Time!

At last, he was promoted to Ensign and found himself an officer. Just in time for the FMians to invade and other parties to get a slice of the world. The dragoon found himself losing friends, but fought on regardless. He even killed an alien infesting an escaped criminal.

Today, Depth continues to serve and train younger recruits to better equip them for survival, and upholds the virtues of duty, honor and courage.



Marshall Rider: "Ah, my best friend. There's something in you, Marshall, that makes you a fine warrior and a kind man. I am glad to have met you, and I think you represent the best of the Australian people."

Mac: "Quite an odd one, Mac is. But he's got a lot of heart and that's what counts, deep down, and he's my other best friend. I hope this 'Saikyo' stuff is worth it!"

Chris Redfield: "Damn it, Redfield, stop trying to get me into trouble! Ah, if there ever was the ultimate drinking buddy, it's Chris. He's tough and unafraid to dive into danger, like myself."

Skiver: "I'll give you this, flyboy, you're not a complete one trick pony. If I ever needed someone to watch my back in the skies, it'd be you."

Magma Dragoon: "It's an honor to know and fight alongside you, Magma Dragoon. You're one of my heroes, and I'll spar with you anytime!"


Schrodinger Cat: "I still have no idea what the hell you are, Schro, but don't lose heart even when life has decided to shit on you. Keep that stiff upper lip, and you'll do the Force proud."

Drake Sunfire: "So far he seems to have a decent head on his shoulders, and he appreciates a good fight, which I like a lot! I just hope he doesn't get too wrapped up by his past."


Sewa: "I think adopting me officially is good for both of us, mother. I am not quite sure how the whole 'mother' thing works, but I know I'm going to do you proud!"

Scarface: "Damn it, Scarface. I can't believe you're running with those troublemakers in Nephilim. You are better than that. One day, we may even have to fight. But for ours and mother's sake, I hope that never comes to pass."


Tatter: "You don't fight half bad, and the way you can insult, I know you're military. But that doesn't mean I won't go light on you. We WILL finish, one of these days."


  • His fish is essentially both a mechaniloid and a part of himself, in simplest terms to the layman. The exact details of his build are kept tightly locked in Repliforce military files.