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Desert Man
Desert Man.jpg
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Male
Faction Robot Masters
Function Sand Monster
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Destroying Things
Secondary Specialty Attempting to trick people, then Destroying Things
Weapons Sand
Primary Desert Beast
Type Physical
Secondary Sand Storm
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Megaman Battle Network 3
Theme Song

Character Data

"Hee hee, smash!"


Desert Man is the intellectual peer of such Robot Master luminaries as Frost Man. Constructed using similar technology to the Devils, along with arcane technology harvested from a mysterious source, Desert Man is an amorphous mass of apparently unlimited amorphous sand. Most of his mental functions are used to hold his form together, leaving him with little leftover mental bandwidth for abstract through. However, Desert Man's low intelligence does not prevent him from being malicious, knowing enough to be able to superheat his mass to scald opponents or create hard glass barriers to strike his foes. Desert Man also has a holographic system that allows him to use his nebulous mass to disguise himself or confuse his opponents. Often, Desert Man creates ineffective non-sequitor illusions due to his cognitive shortcomings, but occasionally devises extremely clever deceptions that can lead his foes to their doom. Desert Man is irrationally afraid of water, requiring a guiding hand or a well-timed shiny thing hurled in the right direction to distract him from his fear long enough to continue a mission.





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