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Dion Seers
Personal Information
Real Name Dion Seers
Code Name Baron Samedi
Race Human
Gender Male
Creator/s His parents
Faction Independent
Function Husband, Father, Hero
Technical Specifications
Primary Guns of the Patriots
Type Explosive
Buster Colors Red, White, and Blue
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Theme Song

Character Data

"Sometimes, liberty requires us to make painful sacrifices."


Dion Seers was the first President of the United States in the post-UN era. The son of third-generation Haitian immigrants, Dion worked his way up from nothing to become a professional football player. Several national and world titles later, Dion left sports and entered politics, and has shown the same kind of tenacity and determination in the political arena as he did on the gridiron. Dion Seers entered office on a Republican platform of peace, prosperity and order. He never wanted to become a President that dealt primarily with foreign affairs, but during the three years he was in office, President Seers became known for his actions on the world stage. A controversial peace deal with then-President Elpizo during the Ra Moon conflict, as well as steadfast support of the Maverick Hunters, led the President to record levels of national disapproval. However, his firm leadership and unwilligness to back down to achieve political points benefitted America in ways that, as the years pass, become more and more obvious. Dion Seers was assassinated in office by Cyber Peacock, choosing to fall in front of the blast that may have killed his political rival Marvin Thackery rather than allowing Thackery to become a martyr for his racist cause. His self-sacrifice will one day be credited as potentially saving tens of millions of human and Reploid lives, and will forever enshrine him as one of the greatest Presidents of the modern era.


GNN Thursday September 11th, 2220

< The above in 'world is ending' sized block headline text. >

President Dion Seers was assassinated early on Tuesday, September 11th, 2220 in the Capital building in Washington, DC. The official time of death was 12:14 am. The President died from a high-intensity plasma blast to the head, which vaporized much of his brain instantly. President Seers was believed to have died instantaneously.

President Seers was in a meeting with Senator Marvin Thackery (D-AL) and Speaker of the House Emmanuel Nowell (R-MA) when the attack occurred. Cyber Peacock, allegedly using a hologram of the Maverick Hunter Blues "Protoman" Light, penetrated Capital security with the apparent objective of murdering Senator Thackery. Secret Service agents posted outside the room were unable to react in time to prevent the attack from being executed.

President Seers used his own body to shield Senator Thackery from the strike, said to have dived over the conference table to interpose himself with the Senator. The resulting realignment of trajectory caused the President's head to intersect with the beam. Cyber Peacock dematerialized before lockdown beams could prevent him from departing. The Senator and the Speaker were not injured.

Senator Thackery and Speaker Nowell were taken from the area to a secure location, along with other members of Congress and President Seers' cabinet.

Dion Seers is survived by his wife Esmeralda, 36, his son, Bailey, 16, and his daughter Calypso, 13.