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Personal Information
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Function Rocknrolla
Technical Specifications
Primary Hooligan Strike
Type Physical
Secondary Breaking Uppercut
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Captain Commando
Theme Song

Character Data

"That which starts sweet ends bitter, and that which starts bitter ends sweet."


Liam Dolg is a brute. Growing up on the hard streets of a factory town in Ireland, Dolg turned to crime to escape a life on the dole. He spent most of his childhood in and out of juvenile prisons, gradually rising up to become a gang boss in his own right. When he could afford it, Dolg went in for extensive cybernetic augmentation for power. He has never looked back. Loosely affiliated with the Finklestein gang before its collapse, Dolg has since attempted to branch out into criminal operations across Asia to replace his former boss. A glam metal fanatic, Dolg has had makeup tattooed across his face to show his devotion to the music he loves. When not engaged in criminal activities, Dolg darkens the stages of numerous open mic nights to scream to his favorite songs.


Being Noisy, Howling, Singing (Not So Well), Glam Metal, Beating On Drums, Beating On People, Bellowing, Foul Mouthed, Breaking All Your Walls, Waking Up In Strange Places, Breaking Anything With His Face, Using The Power Of Violence, The Real RocknRolla