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Personal Information
Race E-Human
Gender Male
Function Treacherous Scientist
Technical Specifications
Primary Trip Mine
Type Explosive
Secondary Caltrops
Type Blade
OOC Information
Game Captain Commando
Theme Song

Character Data

"Science, like any other weapon, has no moral dimension."


Thomas Geier wants more than what flesh or steel alone offer him. A stocky, broad-shouldered misanthrope, Thomas grew up big enough to get what he wanted, and smart enough to not get caught. Thomas' natural talents with math and science led him into the growing field of AI studies. Fascinated by the potential of the DNA Soul, Thomas began to focus his studies on Weapon Copy technology. Could he use the DNA Soul to become someone else entirely? His increasingly dangerous work was interrupted by the Maverick occupation, but he soon found employment under Josef Weil. When Weil fell, Thomas fled to China along with Jeffrey Stevenson to continue his work. Since then, Thomas has been working under Gate on advanced Weapon Copy technologies, with the goal of developing human-usable Emulate. Cool and amoral, Thomas seeks nothing less than to transcend his body by becoming capable of using anyone else's. Despite his imposing size, Thomas often finds himself loathing his inelegant, hulking body. Thomas enjoys using holograms and voice alteration software to pretend to be other people, though can sink into deep depressions when his deceptions inevitably collapse. Thomas is one of the few heavy scientists in Ouroboros, being fiendish and brutal enough to get seconds at the Kitchen of Death.


Masks Within Masks, Brilliance Demands Ruthlessness, Advanced Mathematics Is No Place For Bleeding Hearts, DNA Soul Reaver, Way Of The Bastard, Master Of The Kitchen Challenge, Wants To Be Pretty, Self-Hatred Is A Powerful Motivator, I Am He As You Are He As You Are Me And We Are All Together, I Am The Walrus, Or Perhaps I Am You?