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Personal Information
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Creator/s Dr. Doppler
Faction Mavericks
Divisions Intelligence
Function Double Agent
Technical Specifications
Primary Assassin Strike
Type Blade
Secondary Demon Blade
Type Blade
Buster Colors Gold & Purple
OOC Information
Game Megaman X4
Theme Song

Character Data

"They say good and evil exist in all of us. Mine just happen to have separate forms."


Double was the ultimate double agent. Able to completely alter his physical make-up, as well as being able to conceal the Maverick Virus undetectably, Double served as an agent within the Maverick Hunters. As a Hunter, he appeared harmless and very friendly, always smiling. As a Maverick, he held no semblance to his Hunter form, appearing much darker and very dangerous. His ability to change personality so adamantly often made people suspect that more than one being may exist within Double's frame, while others believed him to be a psychological genius. While possessing few weapons in Hunter mode, as a Maverick he was able to unleash destruction with high powered plasma shells and massive arm blades that can rend through most Reploids with ease. Few people, including the Mavericks themselves, truly knew what went on inside of Double's psyche, save for Sigma and Doppler, the only people that Double truly confided in. Double helped to arrange the falling out between the Maverick Hunters and Repliforce in 2214. He killed the Hunter Air Wraith before being killed by Protoman.


Melee Combat Specialist, Acting Innocent, Football, Stretchable Limbs, Covert Operations, Short Temper, Dancing Madly Sideways, Enjoying it, Of Course I Don't Know Where Your Puppy Is, Eating Puppies, Killing Kittens, SnippitySnippitySnip, Not Being Seen, Being Seen And Confused with Someone Else, Hey, Didn't I go to High School With You?