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Personal Information
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Birth Date 2209
Serial Number 4D082G64
Faction Grave
Divisions Outer Haven
Function Assistant Mechanic
Assignment Find A Player
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Vehicle/Ride Armor Repair
Secondary Specialty Repairing Everything Else
Weapons Misused Tools
Primary Wrench Smash
Type Physical
Secondary Percussive Maintenance
Type Physical
Buster Colors Green & Cream
OOC Information
Game Megaman X5
Theme Song

Character Data

"Give me an hour, an E-Tank and a ratchet, and that pile of scrap will be humming a pretty tune!"


Douglas is a Reploid fascinated with science and engineering. Highly adept with his hands, he is a skilled tinkerer who supports himself as a freelance mechanic when not keeping the Hunter motor pool running. Whether it's tuning a high-performance hovercar or mending a wounded Reploid, Douglas loves to keep busy and work on problems in a hands-on way. Douglas is often perceived as gruff and blunt, especially when it comes to criticism of his work, though he warms quickly to compliments. He can always be trusted to speak the truth about any situation, no matter how uncomfortable it may be, and often earns the antipathy of others as a result. Douglas is never seen without his trusty tool-belt and his favorite tools, which he's not averse to using against opponents when thrown into a brawl. He holds the Five Doctors in the highest regard, and feels he is living his dreams by following in the footsteps of the prestigious Dr. Light.


Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mad Engineering, Grease Monkeying, Blue Collar Miracle Worker, Boy From Brooklyn, Cigar Chomping, Jury-Rig Maestro, Giver Of Rude Gestures, Channeling Gunleon, Keeping The Motor Pool Running, Hardest. Job. EVER.


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