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Dr. Cain
Dr Cain.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Edward S. Cain
Code Name Karate Uncle
Race Human
Gender Male
Birth Date OLD
Serial Number Witheld For Shadowy And Indistinct Reasons
Faction Unified Army
Function Karate Scientist
Assignment Don't Summon Cthulhu
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Kung-Fu Master / Telling Stories
Secondary Specialty SCIENCE!
Weapons Stories, Science Fu
Primary Style Of The Swimming Cane
Type Physical
Secondary Shaolin Wonder Palm
Type Physical
Buster Colors Screw color you grow a beard.
OOC Information
Game Megaman X
Voice Actor Billy West
Theme Song

Character Data

"For every leap forward, you must also be careful where you land."


Despite being one of the founders of modern robotics, Edward Cain's name is seldom mentioned against the towering personalities of Dr. Light and Dr. Wily. Never a man to hog the spotlight, Dr. Cain is happy to play second fiddle to his young colleagues, giving him more time to concentrate on his world. Edward has not let his advancing age slow him down, continuing to serve the world as a technical adviser in Star Force now that the Maverick Hunters are gone. Possessed of a quirky sense of humor, he enjoys playing the role of the crazy uncle to his friends' creations, though he remains a dedicated father to his own. Despite his age, he's still nimble and spry, a martial artist in his youth and still willing to teach the art to others.


Amateur Fisherman, Amateur Archaeologist, More Doctorates Than You Could Shake A Stick At, Shotokan Karate, Professor Farnsworth, Tells The Best Stories, MAGIC MUST DEFEAT MAGIC, Was Messing Around With Subspace Way Before It Was Cool