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Dr. Caskett
Dr Caskett.jpg
Personal Information
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Faction Independent
Function Kindly Old Man (?)
Technical Specifications
Primary Laser Scalpel
Type Blade
Secondary .38 Special
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Megaman Legends
Theme Song

Character Data

"Getting old doesn't mean giving up."


Barry "Barrel" Caskett has lived a storied and colorful life. Born just before the beginning of the Chinese Revolution, Barry's dual passions for adventure and medicine led him to become a UN field medic during the latter half of the Revolution. He won commendations and medals for his valor and skill, and stayed with the UN as they rebuilt the world. He raised a small family, and for a time seemed to be a settled man. However, his passionate spirit for exploration could not be ignored, and he briefly changed careers to be an "adventurer". Barry and a rotating cast of young assistants had numerous adventures in the early days of the UN empire before tragedy struck. His daughter grew gravely ill, and though he used his skills to the utmost, he could not save her. Overcome with grief, Barry gave up adventuring and became a full time medical researcher, focusing on integrated cybernetics. His groundbreaking work eventually got the attention of the United Nations, who began to aggressively fund his proposals. While Barry only wanted to heal the sick and improve the lives of individuals, other people in the government used his research for different, darker purposes. Barry became aware of the villainy that his work was being used for, but did not have the power to stop it. Dash is the product of one incident he /did/ become aware of, and he struggles to make amends for what happened to Dash by trying to raise him correctly. A kind and gentle man, Barry uses his intellect and his cybernetically maintained body to do what he can to help the people of the world. He strives each day to help to reawaken a sense of wonder and mystery in a world that appears on the brink of losing hope.


Cybernetics, Medicine, Indiana Jones On Occasion, Over 80, Still Pretty Spry