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Dr. Doppler
Personal Information
Real Name Dr. Sigmund Josef Doppler
Code Name Father
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Creator/s ???
Birth Date ???
Serial Number Redacted
Faction Repliforce
Divisions 289th MSE Unit
Function Technician
Assignment Don't Go Evil
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Robotics/A.I. Development
Secondary Specialty Cybernetics
Primary Doppler Field
Type Electric
Secondary From the Father
Type Corrosive
Buster Colors Crimson and Purple
OOC Information
Game Megaman x3
Voice Actor Ian Mcellan
Theme Song

Character Data

"I have seen my dreams turn to dust, my empire crumble and my children die and when I looked for someone to blame I found only myself!"


Sigmund J. Doppler, progenitor of the Reploid race and mentor of the Maverick movement, once a respected scientist hailed as the foremost cyberneticist of his generation. Using Thomas Light's published work and his own formidable programming knowledge, Doppler wrote the Reploid source code and enabled the creation of an entire race of robots. When it became obvious that reploids were being exploited as a slave race he resigned his position and joined his renegade son Sigma to found the Mavericks. Eventually, Sigma's growing insanity destabilised the entire Maverick movement and Doppler was betrayed, resulting in his capture by the UN. After escaping, with the aid of the Irregulars and serving with them until their collapse, the old doctor has now given himself up to the repliforce in an attempt to atone for his past misdeeds. Wether this is sincere or just another ploy by Doppler's twisted mind remains unknown at the moment but Dr. Doppler's scientific mind remains potent enough to convince people that he is worth the risk.


Evil Cackling, Reploid Father Figure, Technobabble, Psychobabble, Building Reploids, More Cackling, All Machine, The Atoner(?), Stil Mad, but Handling it, Knight Templar Parent, cynic, For my children


2147: A child is born to a rich family in Berlin Germany he is named Sigmund after his maternal grandfather and Joseph after a family friend.

2152:Young Sigmund is diagnosed with an incurable case of the Hemlock-Eirenstein disease, an rare disease that prays upon the body and slowly rots it from the inside out. He is not expected to survive to reach his twenties.

2155:Sigmund's rapidly declining health requires him to be permanently institutionalized and he spends the better part of the next five years in the terminally ill hospital bed, he tries to make friends with the other children but in the end they all die while only he survived. His parents do not visit him, having already given him up for dead and wishing to spare themselves more pain.

2158: With the advent of medical cybernetics Doctors believe they can extend young Doppler's life for at least a decade. It is also at this time that Doppler's genius comes to the attention of the doctors and nurses as he successfully creates a crude mechanical dog out of a malfunctioning MRI machine and several pots and pans. The doctors convince his parents to hire tutors for him which help Sigmund reach his full potential. Yet even now his parents do not visit him.

2162:Doppler's body is rapidly replaced by Cybernetics in a series of crude but effective surgeries, it is extremely painful but allows Doppler far more freedom to move about then before. Utilizing his genius for the first time Doppler redesigns much of his existing and creates an entirely new set of cybernetic implants, solving problems that have baffled scientists for decades and making the world aware of him for the first time. Genius Grants soon follow and Doppler has his pick of schools to attend to, he eventually settles on Boston University since it promises to further fund his studies.

2163:Doppler's parents die in a boating accident, Doppler does not attend to the funeral.

2164:Having had very limited contact with other people Sigmund goes somewhat wild in Boston and becomes highly popular amongst the student even though he has few friends and trouble truly connecting to others he remains very popular through his years there and the stories of his wild exploits are told even now. He is never caught however, his exploits being relatively minor and/or unprovable and is protected by his genius.

2170: Having gotten three doctorates (in Engineering , physics and applied cybernetics) as well as PhD's in a number of other things and having Dabbled in many esoteric studies Sigmund's star is on the rise in the academic world and he quickly becomes a spokesman for cybernetics amongst the general populace. It is also at this time that Doppler takes a part time job as a teacher in Boston U and gains a reputation as an brilliant but eccentric teacher.

2185:Having finally tired of the academic world Dr. Doppler steps out in the real world and despite many, many offers from private companies and states he joins with the U.N and rises quickly amongst their rank to the surprise of many of his peers. He quickly rises in rank amongst his fellow scientists to become head technician of the U.N. Some speculate that Doppler could have a future in politics should he so desire but he shows disinterest in such things, preferring his lab to speculating in politics.

2190:The Chinese revolution is in full swing and Doppler designs many of the war machines that would be marched out against the rebels, Sigmund does not seem overly bothered by these things, even after serving on the front line for a bit. This is also a time when Doppler continually manages to impress the U.N with the power and durability of cybernetic humans, making such things far more accepted and even encouraged. However he is extremely happy when the revolution is finally over and he can go back to more peaceful things.

2199:The global expo: Doppler plays a relatively minor part in this but it certainly sparks his imagination and he immediately starts research on his own Android design, having Free will amongst his first priorities. Unfortunately progress is relatively slow as the U.N like Dr. Light's design far better but Dr. Doppler is patient, his time to shine will come.

2200:Wily goes wild, the military power of the six androids is revealed for the first time and it is only stopped by Rock. Despite this blow, this is not the end of the war and Doppler knows it. When the U.s turns on Dr. Light later that year Doppler is one of the those who publicly speaks up for him and loses quite a bit of status as a result. However his research continues unabated.

2202:Wily reemerges, people are helpless for the might of the robot masters and Dr. Cain is kidnapped. Dr. Doppler can sense that the time is near so that he throws himself into his research often times forgetting to eat and sleep. He collapses from exhaustion no less then five times during this period but always gets back up and throws himself into his job. It finishes late in the year and in secret the repliforce is created. Doppler creating General himself to lead the fight as well as a new line of extremely high powered reploids to serve as his commanders. Dr. Doppler makes a point to spend at least a month with all his reploids in the beginning of their their life, something he will continue to do.

2203:The reploids go public and wily is pushed back, Dr. Doppler emerges vindicated, his genius lauded by all. Yet even now he is discontent, reploids are being manufactured in mass quantities and are made to fight, work and serve Man without honor or any acknowledgement of their independence. As the war continues and the death toll mounts Dr. Doppler tries to make the world aware of the problem but is ignored, even mocked. In the end the U.N retires Dr. Doppler and takes all of his data for itself causing Dr. Doppler to retire from the public eye.

2205:The capture of wily reachs Doppler's ears but he is too busy with his research into the reploid neural net, having isolated himself in a lab in Germany and determined to prove the U.N for the frauds they are. It is at this time that Dr. Doppler starts to become more and more unhinged. It was then that Sigma, his favored son, found him and enlisted him in his search for Iris . Dr. Doppler happily joins in with Sigma and over the next days he listens of Sigma's woes and his rapidly growing discontent with the U.N before telling him of his own troubles as well as his discovery of a way to manipulate the Reploid Neural net to make them far more aggressive and empower their negative emotions. Dr. Doppler gifts this discovery to Sigma thus making the Mavericks.

2206:Sigma is finally captured after great deal of battle but Doppler himself vanishes, having been taken in by Maverick sympathizers and, despite several close calls from Repliforce he remains secure to continue his research, confident that Sigma will not be chained for long. It is also at this point in time that the U.N decides that all the Reploids Doppler created might be tainted and decides to kill them, though in actuality they were only put in stasis, unfortunately Doppler was never told of this small fact and thus belived them to be dead. Further fraying his already unstable mentality and making him go into a rampage of vengeance that would see dozens dead.

2210: As Sigma returns so too does Dr. Doppler who wastes no time in rejoining his son. The doctor takes an instant dislikes to Vile, sensing the madness beneath the surface still, vava having liberated his son after all. Dr. Doppler and Dr. Wily but heads more then once but in the end make an uneasy truce.

2212: The war continues and Dr. Doppler seems content to serve behind the battle lines, creating machines and weapons to further support the Maverick cause as well as spreading the word to his remaining children. He does occasionally fight on the front lines but this is usually to test an invention of his or show solidarity with his children. His main job is the head of Maverick science as well as a brief stint as the chancellor of Berlin which he rules harshly but distantly, much preferring to leave such things to others.

2217: Sigma is destroyed in a nuclear strike by Protoman, this causes Dr. Doppler a great deal of grief and the doctor employees experimental and highly unstable technologies to revive him, eventually managing to bring back Sigma but it quickly becomes apparent that this is not his son but simply a virus with some of his memories and powers. When he learns of the full result of his actions and just what the Sigma virus Dr. Doppler would come to regret bringing Sigma back but cannot find it in himself to abandon him, even as Sigma heaps much abuse on his father. This does not help Doppler's failing mental and physical health, more and more implants are put into his brain to make it continue functioning but there is a rising resentment of him amongst his fellow mavericks.

2218: Berlin falls, as does Gate and his induction to the Mavericks causes Dr. Doppler's star to fall further amongst them. He does not seem to care, retreating further into his studies, he has realized what the Mavericks have become even if he consciously denies it. He does rouse himself when he finds that Epsilon is missing but his investigations would not bear fruit. in the end of the year Dr. Doppler has another stroke and possibly a nervous breakdown but this time the Mavericks put him into cryogenic storage where he would stay for the remainder of the year.

2219: Sigma dies for the final time, the Genocide virus strikes and yet Doppler is frozen. In the end the Maverick Overclock would sell out his former teacher for clemency from the U.N and Doppler is moved into U.N custody. The Mavericks do not attempt to free him, the Irregulars however do and Scarface successfully frees him from the U.N prison he is held. Unfortunately Dr. Doppler's is greatly damaged, both physically and mentally. In his time with the Irregulars he starts to heal slowly and their affection for their grandfather as well as Epsilons love save Doppler from depression, slowly but surely restoring much of his sanity to him. This time Doppler understands his mistakes, his crimes against humanity and his own children but does not know what to do about it.

2221: Blues breaks the world and unfortunately Epsilon is caught in the mix, Dr. Doppler repairs his son, listening to his stories about the Black ships and silently swears vengeance against them(as well as blues) for what they did. The Mavericks are integrated into the Irregulars but Doppler neither forgives nor forgets what they did to him and remains suspicious, especially of Gate and Lumine. Nevertheless Dr. Doppler remains with Epsilon, unwilling to abandon his suffering son while there is something he can do, and supports him any way he can. He also becomes aware of the Nightmare virus and the problems with the reploid Neural net. As the Mavericks betray the Irregulars and Doppler tries desparately to stop the Nightmare virus Epsilon dies, once again sending Dr. Doppler's mind into a spiral of madness. The doctor almost blows up Innerpeace but is eventually talked down by the assembled reploids and humans and finally admits to his mistakes, leaving the city and the reploids to go into seclusion.

2222: Dr. Doppler gives himself up to the authorities and later that year he would be sentenced to indefinate labor on part of the U.N. Doppler cares not, so long as he can help undo his mistakes he will abide by their decision. TO his surprise He is allowed to serve with Repliforce for the remainder of his life, a decision that both surprises him and grants him a glimmer of hope that the U.N has changed to the better. It is also during this time that Dr. Doppler visits Point Trouble for the first time. After a struggle with the rest of the Mavericks Dr. Doppler is struck down and falls into a coma, his disease finally entering the final stage. Bit gives himself up to save him. It is then that Dr. Ciel Mallory uses the Metapsychosis system to transfer Dr. Doppler mind into a new, custom made, cybernetic brain, Making Doppler the first Transhuman. For the first time his life Doppler is free from the ravages of Time and disease.

2223:The doctor remains quiet this year, slowly adjusting to his new state of existence.

2224:In an effort to show that he is changed Dr. Doppler designes a new lab on the Atlantic seabed for both humans and Reploids. This is but a start of an ambitious project he wants to use to further integrate Reploids into human society and vice versa.