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The Steel Butcher
Landon Devry.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Dr. Landon Eustace DeVry
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Creator/s Parents
Death During the Nigh Incident
Faction Independent
Function War Criminal
Technical Specifications
Primary Rage Barrage
Buster Colors Blue and Grey
OOC Information
Theme Song

Character Data




Dr. Landon DeVry was born, the only son to family of diplomats from the Netherlands to France, and later South Korea. As a boy, he was lauded for his above average intelligence, admittedly, he even then he was moody and somewhat overly focused on his studies. Still, Landon was one of the brightest minds of his generation and successfully graduated from medical school, earning his doctorate at the age of 11.

In his teen years, at his parent's behest, he went to then economically devastated China in order to assist with various medical and relief efforts. It was here that he caught one of the intensely deadly diseases he’d been sent to treat. Cut off from family, and languishing in the dark, he became utterly terrified of having his life cut short so meaninglessly. After recovering, he became obsessed with finding some sort of meaning in life, and unable to reconcile the harsh realities of crushing Chinese poverty with most of the philosophies he encountered, instead became focused on Taoism, particularly drawn in by their idea of the elixir of immortality.

He became harsher and more dedicated, tossing aside what he viewed as magical or irrational approaches to immortality in exchange for the idea of human progression and The Singularity. He increasingly found himself despising the hidebound and superstitious Chinese he was surrounded with. Yet, he also required the far more lax Chinese research laws as his experimentation into animals became more horrific in his pursuit of a methodology to replace weak human mortality with something more durable.

DeVry produced ridiculous amounts of research during this period. Research the United Nations did not want to admit existed because of the methods utilized in its process, but was far too useful to abandon. Without notification to Landon, the United Nations began a process of releasing duplicate copies of his research and penning new, more palatable names to it.

The Chinese Revolution

The Chinese collapse, was when thunder struck. Landon saw the time coming when China would destabilize and had already begun collecting mercenaries and the like, with promises of medical improvement and money. DeVry was a master of engineering, finance and medicine and was able to build a small empire for himself rapidly amidst the warlords of China. Landon, by this time, had begun to develop feasible combat scale cybernetic enhancements, more akin to the modern ones then to the dull prosthesis of the past.

DeVry's control area was the smallest of the Chinese warlords, focused primarily around the old Suzhou regions of China. His intention was never for territory, instead he required subjects for research. Men, women and children were hunted down and procured by DeVry's augmented warriors, and the factory complexes of Suzhou hummed with production of various knockoffs of standard UN equipment such as the A27 "Gygax" APC and the P32"Abnett" Light Combat Personnel carrier. Landon also captured a large section of the pre-crash Chinese nuclear arsenal for the sole reason of using it as a deterrent against direct assault. DeVry played a game of brinksmanship with the various power brokers of China, receiving payment in flesh and blood for exchanges of metal and arms. The United Nations, stretched far, had difficulty dealing with DeVry's disturbingly competent military tactics, and hit and fade style techniques.

While safe within his borders, DeVry had embarked on a far more horrific endeavor. In the quest for immortality and the transhumanist Singularity, DeVry began countless solid-state practical experiments on captured civilians and prisoners of war. Dr. Mengele's sick imagination had nothing compared to DeVry's cold monomaniacal detachment, and every amputation, organ failure or worse was meticulously recorded for the history that DeVry thought would vindicate him. As his own body failed, DeVry used what he learned to remove and replace large parts of himself with cybernetics. DeVry's neural interlink system, haptic and optical nerve replacement, replacement skin and organ tissue, nerve and brain tissue replacement, micronization, nerve impulse control systems and dozens of other advancements would earn him the title of ‘the Father of Modern Cybernetics.' A title oft contested as it was earned through the mutilation and murder, of over 4 million Chinese civilians, expatriates and POWs. This earned him the title of the 'Steel Butcher,' and cemented his identity as a boogeyman of Chinese children for decades to come.

DeVry's fall came before the re-establishment of order in China, not at the hammer of the UN, but at the scalpel. Agent Otto Venkman and a select team assaulted DeVry's stronghold, snuck past the horrors present and brought the fight to the inner sanctum of the Steel Butcher. DeVry, his back being driven against the wall escaped into his inner laboratories. He conducted a final desperate experiment; transferring what remained of his desiccated brain from his human body into a massive hydraulic cybernetic life support unit he titled the 'Anubis Frame.' He staged a rapid accident to crush the now empty skull of his own body, before escaping into the Suzhou river and fleeing to one of his secret bolt holes. The Steel Butcher was no more. His research, once again tainted by a river of human misery was taken by the United Nations and reissued falsely under more palatable sourcing, but those familiar with DeVry's brilliance (if not his inhumanity) saw through the deception.


DeVry disappeared for decades. Making only occasional appearances to gather resources and witness the rise of chaos once again. Soon after the Robot Wars began in earnest, he appeared as a meandering cyborg on the streets of San Angeles.

He soon made a connection with Dr. Albert Wily, who was cultivating competent human allies. DeVry took a place besides the insane cult leader Kaust Losstarot in assisting Wily.

DeVry proved a competent ally to Wily, assisting with repair and scientific operations, as well as working on developing technology to assist Wily's health. Wily also granted DeVry access to his drone schematics and programming around this time, not expecting the cyberneticist to grasp the true brilliance of his programming methods. DeVry immediately began to develop the first of his own drone line, the 'Immortamet,' a metal designed for purposes of processing and intelligence, with almost no functional combat capability and an obsessive programming directive to create and expand.

By the time of the Coalition for Reploid Freedom's assault on Wily's Wilystar, the number of immortamets on the station outnumbered standard metalls. However, all but a handful of first series 'blue hardhats' were destroyed when the Wilystar fell. DeVry managed to defeat Dr. Doppler in single combat in the control room of the dying Wilystar and thus managed to preserve the security dome that allowed for he, and the rest of the Robot Masters to survive uncontrolled planet fall. Landon was instrumental in development of the subsequent Wilysphere.

However, despite this, the relationship between Wily and DeVry had begun to fray. Part of this was how DeVry treated Wily's prize Robot Masters as mere replaceable machines (which earned him few supporters amidst the Robot Master corps.) This was a minor issue however. DeVry had also learned of the King Dragon incident, where an organic being was apparently transmitted into a Reploid neural net. He had begun a series of terrorist attacks on Maverick Hunter holdings in an attempt to force Dr. Light to provide the information, and when this failed, he began to focus on the other doctors assisting Light. Cossack provided the most resistance, wounding DeVry's ego and earning his primary enmity.

DeVry's drone research and development by this point had moved from stealing ideas on mets, to stealing ideas on Sniper Joes. He had created his own version of the Joe, a "female patterned" melee combat unit titled the Slasher Jane. As DeVry's drones were well, drones, they did not stand up well to mainline combatants, and decades in the ground had eroded DeVry's sanity such that the once brilliant tactician could now be moved out of position by damaging his ego or invoking his guilt. Janes led to the terror unit, the explosive infiltrator known as the Wraith-Waif. The Wraiths were stupid, walking bombs couched in innovative human emulationware. DeVry created a new line, the Erinyes, for two purposes of administering his drone network, and killing Kalinka Cossack.

Whether due to some remaining humanity, a fear of retribution, or a simple sense of distaste, DeVry was run out of the Wilysphere after nearly successfully killing Kalinka Cossack with an Erinyes patterned on her own mother.

The time that would follow would evidence additional problems for DeVry. His sanity continued to devolve as he lived as a terrorist, making ceaseless insane demands and filling the global broadband with his rants. Rants which were harder to laugh off as he exploded his girl-bombs in city centers and used his technological skills to inflict pain and suffering on the Hunters, including an incident with Bradley Eildath. He also perfected his human emulation drones, as the United Nations became progressively more cagey about detecting them.

DeVry began to seek more for robotics research, seeking for the secret of human-to-Reploid mental transference. He developed his first sentient creation, Jane-16 or Zestein, but she was captured, reprogrammed and liberated by the Maverick Hunters. Landon began development of the Erinyes-X project around the time that the 'Stardroid Pendant' incident occurred. During this period, he made a deal with Procyon, to at last be given the knowledge of how to transfer himself to a Reploid neural system. The subsequent explosion destroyed his laboratory.

The Eidolon

DeVry awoke with no memories of who he was, where he was, or anything besides a vague knowledge of being associated with Dr. DeVry.

He was encountered by Prismatic Spider and Crescent Grizzly, both of Repliforce, who took him out to dinner and casually interrogated him on potential origins. Repliforce, still busy with the issue with the pendants, tabled the identity of Eidolon until they could deal with the more pressing Stardroid threat, but the overall thought was that Eidolon was either another robotics experiment or a poor unfortunate who was transferred by DeVry.

Eidolon was increasingly haunted by disturbing images and increasingly introduced to the actions of DeVry. Without DeVry's internal self-justifications and madness, he was able to see what he was doing and what he had become. A final confrontation occurred besides Kalinka in a hall of mirrors, where the young girl convinced him to turn his back on his past.

Soon thereafter, DeVry confronted Procyon, and distracted the Stardroid long enough to allow for a group of heroes to drive him off and prevent the world's destruction. The act of distraction cost DeVry his life however, and his body was compacted into a one-inch cube and sent to Dr. Cossack.


  • 2214-03-17: Repliforce Officer's Brawl - During the Battle & Chase games, Vile informs Anthem that he's killed her brother. She goes on a rampage to kill him - and when Colonel steps in to prevent her likely suicide? A street brawl erupts.

Cut Scenes


  • DeVry wrote copiously at all times. His research still forms the back bone for cybernetics development and his documentation as the world's longest living full conversion cyborg is still considered useful, if subjective amongst cyberneticists.
  • DeVry claimed to suffer from a condition referred to as Struldbrugism, which he described as the sensation of being blind, mute and deaf while still possessing the capabilities thanks to his full conversion frame. Whether this is a long-term effect of full conversion, or a result of DeVry's particular process is unknown.

Word of God: Some early full conversion cyborgs suffered from slow sensory degradation. Regular medical exams now look for signs of sensory problems, which doctors can treat with cognitive therapy, software patches and/or hardware improvements. --Leo 11:52, 1 September 2015 (EDT)

  • DeVry's full conversion process apparently created a solid-state system where there was no active biological function amongst DeVry's remaining organic tissue, which was a small, dehydrated hunk of 'brain jerky.' A repeat of this conversion process has not been attempted. Theories on the net partially indicate that DeVry did not accomplish a genuine full-con, but was instead some sort of 'cyber lich' kept in a state of unlife by his own twisted will. Genius the Transgression's Twentieth printing had a highly controversial 'monsters of the real world' supplement that depicted DeVry as a living mechanism that only thought he was a person.
  • DeVry has four sentient creations: Zestein, Alecto, Tisiphone and Megaera. The disposition of Zestein and Megaera is currently unknown.
  • DeVry's external combat arms were frequently torn off in combat. They exist in the trophy collections of several Robot Masters, Repliforce and former Maverick Hunter personnel.
  • Landon went through three 'frames' in his career as a fullcon: The Anubis, the Odin and the Osiris. The Odin was initially designed for Dr. Wily, and had eyebrows over the 'birdskull' mask.
  • Landon had several hundred marble plague-doctor masks. Most are stored by the United Nations as curios awaiting disposition, but some were sold at auction for several hundred thousand zenny each. The marble is very high quality.
  • During the early part of the Nigh TP Arc, DeVry launched rockets towards Mars planning to set up a colony. They were intercepted and destroyed, except for one colonization rocket loaded with mets and production equipment. Damaged by the Maverick cyborg Cyclops, it went tumbling off into space on an unsure trajectory. Its disposition is unknown.
  • One of Landon's immortamets was befriended by the locals of Mars, it was dragged there by Punk and left trapped on its back for several years.
  • Landon, a paranoid lunatic, created dozens of 'bolt holes' containing money, scientific equipment, viral agents, art objects, and thermonuclear devices across the planet. Most of these were entrusted to Alecto as the drone commander / base developer unit, and thus with her surrender are now under control of the United Nations.
  • Landon was a horrible programmer. Those interacting with DeVry code have remarked that it's one of the most difficult code bases to hack, not because of skill, but because it's a snake nest of nested commands, contradictory commands, and abandoned process lines that do nothing but consume processing power.
  • Landon DeVry is one of the few people in the world to have had multiple bodies and gravesites. His headless organic body was cremated after being stolen (by him) and is stored in a United Nations memorial repository, his Eidolon body occupies a place in a Lucite block in the possession of Dr. Pavel Cossack, the Osiris Frame containing the remains of his organic brain was possessed by an agent of Pyron and blown apart. He also has a memorial created by Crescent Grizzly in Torontreal.
  • Landon DeVry, in his one hundred fifteen year life span, never had a single romantic experience and was a nigh legendary misogynist. Numerous theories have been posited for why his drones (aside from mets and bioroid monstrosities) were universally female and young. Alecto thinks he was terrified of girls.
  • Otto Venkman, the man who brought Landon to justice, had a psychotic break when he discovered the doctor had survived and briefly became the vigilante known as the Crimson Reaper. He was captured by the United Nations, treated, and is currently living with his family. The Crimson Reaper armor was instrumental in their survival during Ragnarok.
  • Landon never had any political affiliation with Grandmaster Meio or Ouroboros. Even during the Chinese Revolution, he was a jerky independent.