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Dr. Light
Dr Light.jpg
Personal Information
Race Human+?
Gender Male
Faction Maverick Hunters
Divisions Makers
Function Ghost in the Machine
Technical Specifications
Primary Holographic Cane
Type Physical
Secondary That Isn't Possible
Type Physical
Buster Colors Blue & Bluer
OOC Information
Game Megaman
Theme Song

Character Data

"Rank doesn't matter, family does."


Dr. Light, creator of artificial intelligence, bringer of life, cyberspace pioneer, nemesis, of tyranny, a man recognized as a genius in his own time, who's very name is used as a sacred word by robots throughout the world, is dead. Killed battling his arch rival Dr. Wily, his spirit lingers on not just in the legacy of his good deeds but also as a strange, seemingly sentient program that exists partly in cyberspace and as a holographic construct. Manifesting before the Hunters with all the wit, wisdom and willingness to fight evil wherever it may stand, he claims to simply be a recording of brainwaves created by Dr. Light if he was needed after death. The ocean of questions, theories, and challenges to the present understanding of life and existence this creates may never be answered, especially since he seems to enjoy hearing people ask "what is Doctor Light?"


Light Knows Best, Living Sonic Screwdriver, Not Elmer Fudd, Eternal, Can Put You Over His Knee, Free SCIENCE! Rerolls, Beard Of Wisdom +5, Abusing The World Economy, Schoolboy Grudge, Any Sufficiently Advanced Magic Is Indistinguishable From Technology, Making A Load Of Capsules And Having Them Strewn About In Places That You Would Have Had To Visit So Many Years Later, But Chill Penguin Took All The Leg Upgrades


  • 2216-07-30: Chibi Madness, Day 1 - Dr. Wily blasts the world with a chibification ray.
  • 2220-07-14: Candlejack - When Candlejack e-kidnaps Dr. Light, can our hero hackers save him befor
  • 2221-04-30: The Houseman Fanfic Method - People chat with the newly-spectral Dr. Light on Hunter radio... then it veers to very wrong places indeed.
  • 2227-07-19: Enter The Singularity - Bad Magnificent Seven makes a deal with Number Man: Do my evil bidding and change history, and earn Dark Chips.

Cut Scenes