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Computational Humanoid Reploid
Dr Psyche.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Dr. Psyche
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Serial Number Eurasian Social Security ID #195-69-4358R
Faction Ouroboros
Function Mad Genius
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Mad Science
Secondary Specialty All Things Force Metal/Robotics
Primary Mad Ecstasy
Type Blade Chemical
Buster Colors Green and Yellow
OOC Information
Game Megaman X: Command Mission
Voice Actor Sean Hayes
Theme Song "Mad Wing" RahXephon OST

Character Data

"My progress won't be hampered by shortsightedness of vision!"


Once partners with Professor Gaudile, Doctor Psyche respected the abilities of his collegue, but always doubted his methods. His primary interest has always been making it big, and, to do that in the environment of a world war, one needs to build a weapon. When Gaudile discovered Force Metal, Dr. Psyche knew that he'd found the ultimate new weapon, something that could make both of them as famous and wealthy as those who invented the Buster. When Gaudile decided to develop Force Metal to heal instead, Psyche was furious, and broke the partnership before the Force Metal Generator was completed. He's still developing weapons, but in a world filled with reploid developers all trying to edge each other out, he has yet to make a major score. However, his current work is a new power armor for reploids, a weapon he calls the Mad Nautilus, and he's eager to take his armor for a test drive. Psyche is a genius, but so desperate for recognition that he's lost all sense of integrity, and sometimes computer-hacks purely to view and copy the plans of others. The more modest Gaudile becomes about his own fame, the more Psyche's madness and jealousy increases.


Combat with needles, Doctor Wily for the New Generation


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