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Dr. Regal
Dr Regal.jpg
Personal Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Faction Robot Masters
Function Heir Apparent
Assignment Nation of "Z"
Technical Specifications
Primary Gas Grenade
Type Corrosive
Secondary Monocle Beam
Type Energy
Buster Colors Purple & White
OOC Information
Game Megaman Battle Network 4
Theme Song

Character Data

"There are those who do bad things for the sake of the greater good, and those who do bad things for the sake of their egos."


Dr. Leonard Regal is the heir apparent to the Wily empire. Most consider him to be a sort of "kinder, gentler" Wily, as he appears to have more of an interest in working with others than his father. This horribly mistaken belief has led many people to fall into Regal's webs of deception and treachery. With his abilities to manipulate others through social influence and electronic warfare, Dr. Regal is a world-class threat. His growing abilities in Wily Science further augment his technical arsenal, allowing him to be potentially capable of any scientific feat imaginable. Loathed by many for his previous actions as an Umbrella "situation control" officer and his high-profile reprogramming of the Robot Overlords, Leonard's strengthening of ties with Dr. Wily has strained his connections to his previous lives, but like a Wily must, Leonard charges ahead driven by great genius -- and great hubris.


Business Administration, Cognitive Science (Memory, Conditioning, "Brainwashing"), Human-Computer Interaction, Science (Mad), Programming (Neural Net), Psychology (Human, Robot), Public Relations (Damage Control), Social Influence Strategies, Affably Evil, Chessmaster, Corrupt Corporate Executive, Karma Houdini?, Manipulative Bastard, Magnificent Bastard, Burning Bridges To Light The Wily Way, Last Boss Of The Internet, 8499





  • 2220-01-28: The Fatal Four-Way - The N1 Grand Prix erupts into a grand melee, featuring Hyperconstruct Neo.
  • 2220-02-05: Only Lovers Left Alive - Somebody's got to clean up this damn mess.
  • 2220-03-26: Assault on Pine Gap - Gospel and Grave race to attack a Black SHIELD facility.
  • 2226-07-14: Wily Hour - Dramatic - An extremely dramaful Wily Hour.
  • 2228-01-12: THE NEMMIES - Villains come together.
  • 2228-06-23: Two and Two - Gemini Man visits Dr. Wily after the Father's Day raid. He and Slur have a chat about bombs.

Cut Scenes