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Dr. Stevenson
Personal Information
Real Name Doctor Jeffery Stevenson
Code Name Dr. Steve
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Serial Number 844-270-023
Email DrStevenson@Pantheon.Org
Function Chronomancer
Assignment Reality Terror
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Temporal Study / Timestoppers!
Secondary Specialty Blink Tech/Subspace
Primary Time Stands Still!
Type Energy
Secondary Engineering Knowledge
Type Physical
Buster Colors Gray & White
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Theme Song

Character Data

"This world deserves to be rese--- I can't say that with a straight face."


Dr. Jeffrey Stevenson has had an interesting life. Stuck in Berlin during the Maverick occupation, he eventually found his way into Euro Arcadia working for Dr. Weil making a lot of disturbing and dangerous temporal weaponry and tools for the Doctor. When Weil tried to destroy the world, Jeff went along with The Professor to go work for the Chinese in Ouroboros. He spent a good long many years working for them without incident. That changed on the 13th of August, 2228, when Dr. Stevenson declared the UN a disease that deserved to die, and that China had become weak with the rise of a new empress and her prince- then proceeded to use a giant space laser to try to blow up the UN headquarters in Paris and Heaven's Tower in China. He failed on getting direct hits, but the resulting chaos turned into the organization known as GENOCIDE, a terrorist organization initially made up of most of Ouroboros's more rouge elements, bent on plunging the UN and it's allies into absolute chaos through any means necessary.


Knowledge: Temporal Studies, Dimensional Study, Blink Systems, Timestream Theory, Complex Computer Equations, Things That Should Not Be (TM), Thinking with Portals, Herbert West of Time, Evil Speeches (Intermediate Level), Evil Laughing (Novice Level), Evil Science (Advanced)



  • The Professor: So once upon a time Stevenson wanted to hate himself a lot, tried to consistently fail at surrendering and turn himself in and/or die- and then he meet The Professor and that changed. The Professor is his mentor. It feels really weird being on the wrong side of him at the moment and kind of secretly finds it unnerving, but The Professor insisted this'd be an interesting change of pace for Jeffrey!


  • Gottfried Groeder: Once upon a time, Dr. Stevenson made some friends with some Imperial Nazis and Groeder and then everything after was a drunk German whirlwind and now he's like his best bro. It's kinda weird.
  • Yuri Dragunov: So one time Australia made this super solider with hutzpah so Stevenson found a man with more hutzpah and turned him into a super solider and now the two repeatedly beat the shit out of one another. Yuri has the lead! He thinks. He's also a friend.
  • Gate: The Professor's Scientist kid. Stevenson and Gate have a mostly 'good' working relationship and have for a while. There's no hate, but it's strictly professional too.
  • ---more soon. Just saving what I have done for now.


  • Dr. Stevenson is hauntingly polite to people he has no particular reason to hate. People he's familiar with get a more college dorm room mate demeanor thrown at them, sometimes. He's just generally unpleasant on Global and/or to people he hates. The true power of Global Radio is to corrupt. (That and he's an ass.)
  • Dr. Steve stole the Scorpion Tank on his way out of Ouroboros because nothing screamed 'evil' more than a giant mecha scorpion.
  • Jeff is xenophobic. That is, Space Aliens- not 'people'. Primarily, FMians. This can pass on to similar 'concepts' of beings such as Sera and Yuna. It's calmed down primarily in recent times- but it still makes him twitch. Geo Stelar still needs to die thou. His focus on ReaverTech is probably some manner of therapy for that to 'gain control' of said technology.
  • Jeff made plans for three androids, Trance, Hardcore and Dubstep. Trance was built, then stolen by Dark Man and became a Robot Master. Hardcore was built and was a Duke Nukem wannabe who was equipped with FMain murdering weapons, status unknown (Most likely in a storage/statis tube.). Dubstep is still a blueprint- but is most likely a powerful Wub inducing destructor.
  • Jeff likes Sonic Weaponry because it kills Reaver aliens. Anyone who's seen Yuri Dragunov knows what he can do with it.
  • Jeff likes classical trance/techno/dubstep. Jeff also plays tennis.
  • Jeffrey Stevenson in the 2240 Alternate Universe is a Doctor who works for CERN who's best friend is Auto Light. He is, unsurprisingly, not very impressed that AU past him is some sort of insane laughing supervillian. He's known in CERN for his awesome teacakes. He will share the recipe with you!
  • Omega Jeff also makes awesome teacakes. He will not tell you the recipe. These cakes may be the one universal constant in multiple alternate universe Jeff Stevensons.
  • more when I feel like it.



  • 2220-12-18: The Second Battle of Sri Lanka - After Gospel conquers the pirate stronghold of Sri Lanka, Repliforce decides to kill them and then make fun of them about it because... reasons.
  • 2222-08-30: Black Swan - An FMian invader besieges Tom DuBois and AMAKEN Labs.
  • 2223-09-25: Children of Mars - Ra Moon Strikes - After one day of battle, Ra Moon manifests to strike the killing blow on a weary world.
  • 2224-10-21: Some Kind Of Dino Crisis Part 1 - Dimensional disturbances and a lost team on Ibis Island bring assorted heroes and villains in to deal with it.
  • 2224-10-22: Some Kind Of Dino Crisis Part 2 - After a fearsome battle with a T. rex, the group on Ibis Island closes in on the lab of the insane Dr. Edward Kirk.
  • 2225-04-13: Queensland Takeover - Ouroboros arrives in Queensland, New Zealand to open portals to allow their troops in - but a mysterious new group soon arrives to stop them....
  • 2225-05-11: Night Of The Cactus - Theodore Logos reveals himself to be Midnight Epiphyllum by a kidnapping, followed by an assassination attempt. Can anyone stop the NIGHT OF THE CACTUS?
  • 2226-06-26: The Death of Showcase Hawk - The death of Showcase Hawk.
  • 2226-11-10: The New York Platzacon - Yes, this actually happened once.
  • 2227-07-01: Crescent Moon Rockman Episode 6: Pistolero! - An FMian has been running rampant across the world robbing banks. Can Crescent Moon Rockman finally catch this rogue?
  • 2228-01-12: THE NEMMIES - Villains come together.
  • 2228-08-14: Sera Moves Out - Sera finds a new home.
  • 2228-09-02: Berth Certificate - A sovereign citizen nutjob and a retired clown go to court over a megalomaniacal Satanist. With bonus fanfiction.
  • 2228-11-01: Good Morning Ms. Aensland - GENOCIDE tries to assassinate Morrigan with magical explosives because this seems like the best course of action.
  • 2228-11-11: The House of Dreams - Versus moves to destroy Dragon King's slave ring. Dragon King owns an airship and isn't afraid to use it.
  • 2228-11-21: In the Claws of the Squirrel Girl - A rag-tag group has fallen into the clutches of a terrifying foe from 616. Will they put their differences aside and escape before it's too late?
  • 2229-12-01: To Gather Peaceably - Dark Man visits a demonstration protesting the emergence of U.N Sec-Gen Wily. To everyone's great shock, it does not end peaceably.
  • 2230-01-14: GENOCIDE Robotropolis Raid - GENOCIDE and Ben Kavinsky assault Robotropolis.
  • 2230-05-19: Raising The Stakes - Reiz, Pandora and Dr. Stevenson raid a concert at the Reploid Room for 4th Empire captives. Shang Lei and Void take exception to this.
  • 2230-06-02: Ashes - The Fourth Empire has taken a special interest in a temple on Klondike. The newly allied Zelkin leads a team to investigate.
  • 2230-10-20: The Infernal Scrolls - Raffinato, the Hand and Stevenson show up to cause trouble in the Himalayas.
  • 2231-01-16: Flame - There is a parade. And a murder.
  • 2231-01-26: The Fall Of Space Lanka - The Unified Army assaults The Third Moon to rescue Sri Lanka. Dr. Stevenson introduces them to his brand new Pseudoroid pack.
  • 2231-01-27: The Fall Of Space Lanka PT 2 - The Unified Army fights through Steve's new Pseudoroid pack and gets to the Gravity Gun to finally save Sri Lanka. Can they succeed?
  • 2231-02-08: Jedah's Council - Raffinato calls a meeting among the high council members of The Hand, with Jedah Dohma presiding. Special guest: Dr. Stevenson.
  • 2231-03-13: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - Dr. Wily, settling into his role as the grandfather to a variety of weird Stevenson robots, takes the Pseudoroids out with some Robot Masters to teach them how to do a proper seasonally themed raid.
  • 2231-04-18: Find the Needle - After discovering the RMs are conducting dimensional raids, Unity decides to crash the Space Skull to... raid the vehicle bay?