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Dr. Weil
Dr Weil-Face.gif
Personal Information
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Faction Neo Arcadia
Divisions Lord Of All
Function Future Richard Nixon
Technical Specifications
Primary Poisonous Darts
Type Blade Corrosive
Buster Colors Dark Purple & Red
OOC Information
Game Megaman Zero 3
Theme Song

Character Data

"The joy of making everything work for you... it's the ultimate joy."


Perhaps the best way to describe Dr. Josef Weil is obsessive, with controlling none too far behind. Once a lead researcher for Umbrella, Dr. Weil fell out of the corporation and into the public eye when he unleashed Omega, designed to kill all mechanical life. A man with interests in both the human and reploid mind and body, Dr. Weil now works with Neo Arcadia. With a wary eye he is watched, as Dr. Weil keeps to himself in most affairs as he often attempts to go beyond what even the likes of Ciel would be comfortable with. Yet, with his single-minded dedication towards his work, up to this point his efforts and talents have worked well in the favor of Neo Arcadia. But, is he truly working for the cause, or is he merely using Neo Arcadia as a stepping stone to his next grand unveiling of a far more terrifying weapon?

The Madman