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Dual's Dagger Armor
Dual's Dagger Armor
Personal Information
Real Name Dual
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Creator/s Prismatic Spider
Creation Date 29 February 2224
Serial Number PSN-014
Faction Independent
Divisions Planetary
Function Pretender
Assignment Answer The Question
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Metamorph
Secondary Specialty Philosopher
Weapons These Two Fists
Primary Blitzkrieg
Type Physical
Secondary Transport Phenomena
Type Force
Buster Colors Yellow & Blue
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Voice Actor Matt Bomer - Neal Caffrey in White Collar
Theme Song The Humbling River by Puscifer

Character Data

"I'm not a man of too many faces. The mask I wear is one."


Dual's Cloak Armor

The question asked by the HeraCorp paradigm for reploid creation -- 'who do you want to be' -- is a heavy question to ask of a new lifeform. Inevitably that question makes the reploid consider all of the avenues before them. Some have problems answering it. Others still change their minds months or years later. For Dual, the answer was simple: I want to be everything. Dual's very nature lent to this answer. Created to merge the technological advancement of Jeremy White's Mimic system with the original conceptual designs for Dr. Doppler's Double Project, Dual has the tools to mimic the lifeforms around him and experience the world through the myriad of forms he can assume. Dual does not know who he is, just yet, but the tools his creator has given him give him the opportunity to see through the eyes of many different people. A revolutionary by design and by choice, Dual has embraced the cause presented by Nephilim and its Mysterious Benefactor as his own. New to these Robot Wars, however, Dual has embraced the aspects of Nephilim's former Irregulars: the teachings of Epsilon and his cadre. This idiosyncratic philosophy clashes at times with the belief that the Earth is nothing more than an anchor for the combined human and robot races to exceed their self-applied limits.


They Told Me I Could Be Anything, So I Became Everything


Background will be added at a later date.


  • Dual lives in New Giga City.
  • He has a unique fusion of Doppler's old 'Double' technology and the Mimic technology created by Jeremy White.


Cut Scenes


Dual Concept 2.jpg
Dual Concept 4.jpg
Dual's 100 Cookie Milestone
Dual Concept 1.jpg
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