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Duff McWhalen
Duff McWhalen.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Duff McWhalen
Code Name Tidal Whale
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Birth Date June 27th, 2211
Serial Number SAMR#549
Faction Unified Army
Function Ocean Officer
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Marine Combat
Secondary Specialty Oceanography
Weapons Ice and water based internal weaponry, torpedoes
Primary Gel Shaver
Type Ice Water
Secondary Flying Splasher
Type Ice
Buster Colors Navy Blue and Yellow
OOC Information
Game Megaman X5
Theme Song

Character Data

"That was a close shave."


A marine historian turned Repliforce officer, Tidal Whale, known to his fellow Repliforcers as Duff McWhalen for reasons with remain obscure, was recruited due to his extensive nautical experience. He is a combination of both the rough seasoned sailor and the gentle scholar, a huge bruiser of a reploid who would rather sit around and identify naval artifacts than fight. He feels a spiritual connection with the open seas and can be rather territorial about them, pollution a major sore spot for him. Despite his gruffness and somewhat stubborn nature, he is good natured and enjoys telling high-seas adventure stories. Nozzles on and within his body can secrete a gel which solidifies into ice in contact with the air or water, allowing him to put up barriers, create ice blocks and other ice-based weaponry, as well as the ability to fire pressurized water at his foes. His primary attack, the Gel Shaver, is a burst of ice that scrapes along the ground to attack his enemies. While he is dedicated to his current life as a soldier, he still feels he is a historian at heart.


Big Boned, Making Waves, Naval Object Identification, Can't Get Enough Of That Wonderful Duff


Duff McWhalen is an old reploid; while not among the first batch of civilian model reploids he wasn’t too far after, and was built to be a fishing unit, sailing the seas and collecting massive amounts of fish, freezing them, and shipping them to warehouses around Europe and the Americas. He proved to be a reliable worker, but he increasingly took an interest in the world’s oceans.

His boss took notice of this interest; a hardened sailor himself, he was fond of Duff the most out of his crew of reploid workers and suggested Duff get himself higher education. Duff agreed and, in a move that was still considered novel at the time, started taking college courses in oceanography while continuing to work. Within a short amount of time he was able to graduate, and was able to become a curator of an oceanographic museum in Edinburgh. For a few years, life was uneventful.

Then the fall of Repliforce Island happened. Something stirred within Duff, a sense of wanting to fight for the greater good and ensure things like that never happened again. So, he along with many other civilian reploids enlisted into Repliforce. Since then he’s been a steadfast old soldier for the cause, even after the death of General and the restructuring of the organization. Because no matter what, he still feels he has a lot more work to do before he can go back to civilian life.

Anatomy of a Whalebot



Burn Dinorex: I wouldnae consider Burn the brightest bulb, but he's a great drinking buddy and a good mate to have in a fight!

Marshall Rider: Oh captain, my captain. He's a shrimpy guy but he can be scary if ye rile him. But so far, he's impressed.

Bomb Man: Bomb's a good drinking buddy, and a swell pal. Just wish he could figure out what he wanted in life.


Hansel von Gallante: At first I thought he was just some knob, but he's a tough opponent. I'll take 'im down one day though, aye.


  • Was once Force Commander of the Robot Masters for a single day
  • Eats Creamland ice cream by the gallon.