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Last Hope of Mars
My Arm, My Arm, My Arm, My Arm, My Arm...
My Arm, My Arm, My Arm, My Arm, My Arm...
Personal Information
Race Replicant
Gender Male
Creator/s Ancient Dead Martians
Creation Date Ages ago
Faction Unified Army
Function Defense Mechanism
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Defense (Self and Others)
Secondary Specialty Punching It Until It Stops Moving
Weapons Spikes, Lasers, Bulk, Explosions, THE GOD HAND
Primary Comet Fist
Type Physical
Secondary Spike Dash
Type Spike
Buster Colors White & Blue
OOC Information
Game Megaman 8
Voice Actor Kyle Hebert (as Algalon the Observer)
Theme Song [[theme::Theme of Duo]]

Character Data

"Hard truths cut both ways."


Duo missed the war he solely existed to fight. The Stardroids destroyed the Martian civilization before he was ready to come online. Lost in the sunken city of Mu, Duo's awakening was a product of chance. The automated defenses of the city brought him online to defend it against invaders. Yet Duo was incomplete. His failsafe programming was not in place, allowing him to make his own choices as to how to defend Mu, Mars, and what remains of Martian culture. A fearless warrior, Duo enjoys fighting for fighting's sake. The moral structures of Earth have no influence over his behavior. Duo is not a fool, acting in his enlightened self-interest. He feels no dissonance in siding with whatever will allow him to achieve his goals most easily. Duo wanders the world seeking answers. He has an inherent curiosity about the peoples of the Earth, but studies them with the detached perspective of an outsider.


This Hand Of Mine Is Burning Red, Hot Blooded, Made In The Image Of A God, Asymmetrical


Duo was made near the end of the Martian civilization. Duo did not come online before the Stardroids destroyed Mars, so he has only what Mars knowledge his makers programmed into him. Even this is fragmentary, corrupted and often unreliable.


  • Duo has an innate aversion to [REDACTED].
  • Duo's exit from Nephilim was quiet and non-controversial. It came about due to a fundamental difference in Nephilim's behavior and beliefs and their clash with his own beliefs & those of his makers, as well as [REDACTED]. He doesn't hate Nephilim.
  • Duo changes height in each armor mode: he is six feet tall in White Armor, twelve feet tall in Blue Armor, and sixteen feet tall in Meteor Armor. Replicant shenanigans! His left hand always remains distinctly larger than the right, however, and his right shoulder is always more heavily armor plated than his left (with or without spikes).



Duo's Original Configurations As A Replicant Left: Blue Armor Center: Meteor Armor Right: White Armor


  • 2230-05-03: To Catch a Martian - Moondyne Mouse inspects Flauclaw Panther and Duo's battlesite to gain clues of the latters whereabouts.


  • 2226-07-08: The Death of Showroom Hawk - A final confrontation.
  • 2230-01-14: GENOCIDE Robotropolis Raid - GENOCIDE and Ben Kavinsky assault Robotropolis.
  • 2230-01-31: Hell In A TriCell - The Fourth Empire strikes TriCell with the help of the Hand of Makai cult.
  • 2230-02-18: Ice to Meet You - Versus and friends meet a free thinker frozen in time.
  • 2230-03-16: The Sewers of Robotropolis - It's been nearly two months since Ben died, but there are certain messes he has laying around. Ever wonder what Ben and Gate were doing last year?
  • 2230-03-19: Return to Wazap - Versus and friends arrive to Wazap in 1999 in search of the Azran Legacy. They meet some old/new foes/friends.
  • 2230-03-24: SUPER PUZZLE FIGHTER - In hot pursuit, the Azran Ruin Infiltration Team runs into Emmy Altava, who challenges them to the sport of queens.
  • 2230-03-26: Puzzle for the Azran Legacy - After a long series of battles, saving Aurora from herself comes down to one last puzzle.
  • 2230-05-03: Panther Vs Duo - Flauclaw Panther demands to fight Duo in a duel.
  • 2230-08-06: Sentry The Defiant - Castle Bilstein must fall, but it has a dangerous defender.
  • 2230-08-10: The Battle For Zeta - Part 1 - The forces of Omega head towards the final confrontation with Emperor Bilstein - but first must deal with Catherine Rain.
  • 2230-08-11: The Battle For Zeta - Part 2 - The final confrontation between Emperor Bilstein and the forces of Omega.
  • 2230-08-30: Recruiting For The Skeleton War - Another incursion from Mystara - a necromancer tries to raise an army of the dead at one of the world's largest cemeteries!