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Personal Information
Real Name Durandal Asimov Matthews
Code Name Duran
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Birth Date July 3rd
Creation Date July 3rd
Serial Number DMN 001
Faction Unified Army
Function Armsmaster
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Weapon Specialist
Secondary Specialty Weapon R&D
Primary Impulse Accelerant
Type Energy Explosive
Secondary Strike Nova
Type Explosive Fire
Buster Colors Grey & Silver
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Theme Song 'Holding Out For A Hero' by Frou Frou

Character Data

"So long as people are willing to stand up and fight for what they believe in, hope will always stay strong."


Durandal is a veteran of the Robot Wars that has clung to his idealism and optimism despite the horrors he has seen. A bold, tough-talking Maverick Hunter, Durandal has fought the worst the universe has had to offer him and keeps coming back for more. Durandal is known within the Hunters for his Puritan work ethic and willingness to test new (and potentially dangerous) technologies on himself. Durandal's desire to push the limits of science, combined with his burning desire to make the world a better place, has made Durandal one of the only people who Pavel Cossack trusts. Durandal has been able to study at the feet of the Mad Russian for years to develop even greater ability in weapons design, ride armor development and Reploid engineering. Durandal's scientific development has never taken a back seat to his desire to do good for the world. Tempered by the hardships of the seemingly endless war, Durandal's resolve to fight, like the sword he was named for, cannot be broken.


Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical, Ride Armor, Weapons), Hacking (Axe, Sword), Science (Ballistics, High Energy Physics), Badass Bookworm Turned Genius Bruiser, Brash Old Maximal, Jumped At The Call, Took Many Levels Of Badass, M3's War Machine, Nerd That Blasts Evil




  • 2217-03-08: The Destruction of Light Labs - Mike dies again.
  • 2217-04-10: Kalinka's Birthday XVII - Everyone who's anyone shows up to Kalinka's 17th birthday party, so it's only natural that a fight would break out... a really terrible fight.
  • 2219-12-29: Holiday Party 2219 - Antics abound.
  • 2220-01-11: The Titan - Durandal meets with the Magreviches to discuss an idea.
  • 2220-03-31: Zombieland, Pt 2 - The worst alternate universe.
  • 2220-03-31: Zombieland, Pt 1 - The worst alternate universe.
  • 2221-02-01: Optimism - Cinnamon and Durandal brainstorm ideas to deal with the zombie menace.
  • 2221-03-08: The Red Wedding - The marriage of Gemini Man and Teresa Magrevich.
  • 2221-05-26: Funeral Meltdown - The funeral of Alpha and Chroma B in Detroit - Dynamo does not take it well.
  • 2222-07-10: Smiling Faces And Open Arms - Dr. James Marcus is in LEGIONS custody. The Hunters decide an assassination is in order.
  • 2223-02-08: The Lonely Southern Cross - Ciel goes flying off the deep end with a little push from Crux.
  • 2224-07-08: Tzaraath Interlude - Some speculation and conjecture before things inevitably take a turn for the worse.
  • 2224-09-15: Killing The Hunters Part 1 - Mike and Durandal plot the death of a faction over beer. Meanwhile, Nephilim is born.
  • 2224-10-21: Some Kind Of Dino Crisis Part 1 - Dimensional disturbances and a lost team on Ibis Island bring assorted heroes and villains in to deal with it.
  • 2224-10-22: Some Kind Of Dino Crisis Part 2 - After a fearsome battle with a T. rex, the group on Ibis Island closes in on the lab of the insane Dr. Edward Kirk.
  • 2225-05-19: Paradise Fountain - While General makes his final stand, others attempt to prevent the end of Innerpeace.
  • 2225-10-20: The Glyph Revealed - The secret of the mystery glyph is unraveled.

Cut Scenes

  • 2225-11-23: Forlorn Hope - Durandal, at work at his forge, has a conversation with an associate.