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"Please play with me!  I'm really bored..."
"Please play with me! I'm really bored..."
Personal Information
Real Name Duelist Cavalier
Code Name Dynamo
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Creator/s The Professor (project leader) & Jean de Galle (UNX-001 designer)
Creation Date January 27th, 2213
Serial Number UNX-001 (Project Dynamic)
Faction Unified Army
Divisions Heroes for Hire
Function Duelist
Assignment Save the rum.
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Melee Combat
Secondary Specialty Guerilla Warfare
Weapons D-Saber, Split Buster, Energy Pulse Field
Primary Dynamo Saber
Type Blade
Secondary Energy Pulse Field
Type Electric Energy
Buster Colors Navy Blue & Silver
OOC Information
Game Megaman X5
Voice Actor Ben Stiller
Theme Song Dynamo - Megaman X5 OST

Character Data

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."


A former mercenary and Black SHIELD assassin, Duelist Cavalier is an unlikely hero. A first-generation member of Project Dynamic, the reploid code-named Dynamo was designed to be a killer, but a failed mission led to his becoming something more. Friendship grew between his target, the Maverick Hunter Alpha, which eventually turned to love. Alpha's death in 2221 forced Dynamo to reevaluate his formerly carefree life, and a year's soul-searching led him to accept an offer by Colonel to join the Repliforce and later Star Force. His new dedication to a life of merit did not change his essential nature, eventually leading him to end his military life to embrace the revitalized Irregular movement. Dynamo is a provcative and sometimes flamboyant figure who still loves a good fight, but behind his brash attitude lies a soul dedicated to protecting those who cannot protect themselves, all for the memory of the one who taught him how to love. Utilizing teleportation in concert with his Split Buster and D-Saber, Dynamo is a gifted combatant even though he's given up his military career.


Still A Smug Bastard, Thrill-Seeker, Risk-Taker, Hedonist, Soul Of A Poet, Stealing Kisses And Occasionally Girlfriends, Shakespeare Aficionado, Perfect Hair Forever, Aggressively Agnostic, Fancy A Fight?


Project Dynamic


Dynamo's story begins with Project Dynamic, a Black SHIELD program with the intent of creating a combat robot with performance on par with Mega Man to serve the shadow government's needs.

Design work on UNX-001 began on October 28th, 2212 under a team led by a French scientist named Jean de Gaulle with direct oversight by the enigmatic Professor, the Project Dynamic supervisor. Dr. de Gaulle was responsible for the initial design of UNX-001 and the others in his model line, and his given name: Duelist Cavalier.

Dynamo considers January 27th, 2213 to be his activation date, but parts of his neural net were apparently brought online before this. His net was modified to suppress rebellious thoughts and supposedly protect him from the Maverick Virus, at the cost of stunting his emotional development, making it hard for him to feel attachment or loyalty. Mister Famous claims to have taken part in this part of his programming.

Dynamo was equipped with several pieces of experimental equipment: a variable-power arm cannon capable of firing multitarget bursts of plasma, a modified teleportation engine capable of travel through walls and over moderately long distances, and an overpowered internal generator to fuel these system and allow him to shunt off excess energy in destructive energy pulses. His original design documents stated he was meant to have an even more powerful teleport engine like the one that Protoman had, as well as a Buster system, but neither made it into his final loadout.

Starting in March of 2212, Dynamo underwent martial arts training to hone his abilities, specializing in the beam saber. His instructor suggested that, as the first Dynamic, he be code named Dynamo, and the name stuck. His first assignment was a test of his abilities and loyalty: Jean de Gaulle had threatened to go public with information about Black SHIELD, and the group used Dynamo to silence him, the Dynamic finish the mission efficiently and dispassionately.

Put into field world, Dynamo was given a cover as a mercenary, his ties to the government kept a secret. He proved to be less than ideal as an agent, developing a devil-may-care attitude as a consequence of his lack of attachment. As a result, the other members of the UNX line were mothballed and stored away except for Capacitor and Ohm, who were retained as bodyguards.


Dynamo made a name for himself in 2214, using his inception name, Duelist Cavalier, as he infiltrated Eurasia, helping to free the station from Robot Master control. He quickly gained notoriety as a bounty hunter and mercenary, establishing himself as the best of the best, maintaining his cover as an independent operator while doing missions for Black SHIELD.

His early exploits were eclectic, kidnapping Quint for reasons unknown and escaping with the help of Maverick Hunter Michael Eildath. He also infiltrated the Camelot Neo organization during an attack by Scott Wily, stealing a sword purported to be Excalibur and turning it over to Black SHIELD.

In the spring of 2215, Dynamo was dispatched to China to eliminate a minor drug kingpin operating under the alias of "Generous Father." What he found was more than an opium den; he was running a slavery and prostitution ring as well. Something about the nature of this operation resonated with his own involuntary service to Black SHIELD, and he killed every soldier at the compound. It was here he found and rescued a reploid prostitute he named Blade Marionette, making her his secretary and companion. Together they established a public office in Tartarus.

Alpha & Adrian

In May of 2215, Black SHIELD dispatched Dynamo to retrieve Alpha, a fugitive from another UN project hiding within the Maverick Hunters. Their first encounter was violent, but it was not their last. Alpha sought Dynamo out, and strange relationship was formed from this meeting, the pair always meeting in neutral territory so that Dynamo could subvert his orders to bring her in. His disenchantment with his role within Black SHIELD grew.

By 2216, Dynamo managed to have himself released from service to the government through the efforts of his friend, Interpol Director Adrian Vorlaikal. Dubious that he was truly free, he was nevertheless grateful. As a truly independent operator for the first time, the mercenary settled on Eurasia, helping to train security there while operating a mercenaries' bar called Thunderclap.

The relationship between Alpha and Dynamo grew, the Hunter confessing her love from him in April of 2217. Confused by his own feelings, Dynamo sought advice from Adrian, eventually realizing that he loved Alpha too, despite his own belief that he was incapable of love. Their love was put to the test nearly a month later when Alpha's Maverick programming reasserts itself, turning Alpha into a Maverick named One. This event led to the cure from the so-called Maverick Virus, and with the help of Alpha's half-brothers Durandal and Foucalt, he was able to rescue and restore her to her old self.

That summer, Dynamo's friend Adrian is killed by the Black SHIELD assassin Domino as part of Black SHIELD's bid to overthrow the United Nations. Dynamo, too late to save his best friend, viciously murders Domino and teleports away with Adrian's body, delivering him to the amoral scientist Nathan Xiang in an unsuccessful attempt to save his friend. The strain of the teleport nearly kills Dynamo, who is out of action for some time.

In September, Dynamo defeats General in single combat during the Battle & Chase, going on to defeat Storm Owl to win gold.

Unbeknownst to Dynamo, later that year Dr. Light secretly rebuilds and activates mothballed units of Project Dynamic recovered during the fall of Black SHIELD. He eventually learns of two of these: Tesla and Faraday, by then known as Marino and Spider. Dr. Light's subterfuge destroys Dynamo's trust in the scientist.


In 2218, strained relations with Eurasia and a attempt by Gemini Man to frame Dynamo for crimes he did not commit result in his leaving the station. He moves his home and Thunderclap to Scrap Iron City, the slum under the base of the Space Elevator in Kansas City.

The next year, Dynamo fights Blues atop a collapsing building in Tartarus. Previously idolizing Blues, his conversion to a Blackguard shakes his faith in the Firstborn.

At around the same time, Dynamo becomes aware of two more Project Dynamic robots: Wasp and Dragonfly. He quickly accepts them as part of the family, in Dragonfly's case more for the opportunity to antagonize the Robot Masters about being a half-brother. The Robot Masters do not share his familial affection and attempt to destroy Thunderclap on April 29th. The bar is saved more by Guts Man's indifference than anything else.

On November 21st, 2220, Dynamo again fights Blues, this time at the Latte Heaven, destroying the where Blues's late girlfriend worked. He fails to stop the Firstborn there, leaving Blues free to bring about global devastation a little over a month later.


Dynamo and Alpha grow closer as disaster grips the world, fighting zombies back to back. Together they meet The Professor, Dynamo's creator, and the final products of Project Dynamic, Prometheus and Pandora. He refuses to join them, ensuring enmity from his fellow Dynamics, save Marino.

Alpha dies two months later, and Dynamo is not there to save her. Distraught, the duelist aimlessly seeks death in battle, unable to cope with his grief. Durandal literally slaps some sense into Dynamo at her funeral in Detroit, and over drinks begins to help him come to terms with his loss. At the same time he takes Blade Marionette, upgrading her CPU to reploid standards.

Despite coping with his grief Dynamo is changed by it. He lives lift as best he can, doing odd jobs and competing in Vincente Sumiyama's short-lived infiltration challenge, but he yearns for more. He swears his allegiance and aid to Dr. Cain, one of Alpha's creators, should he ever need it.

On February 24th, 2222, he assists Repliforce and LEGIONS in rescuing Dash from captivity by Ouroboros, nearly dying in a pitched battle with Aeolus. When he wakes up two days later, Colonel gives him a surprising offer: to join the Repliforce. Dynamo mulls the decision over for more of a month, and in the end a conversation with Rock on the front lines of Moscow convince him to accept Colonel's offer, officially signing up on March 18th.

In August he's deployed to Mars, fighting the FMian Omega-Xis, who had commandeered Vile's old Ride Armor, the Goliath. While on Mars, he climbs Olympus Mons, the first sapient being to do so. He also takes place in the defense of Avalon against FMian Jammers, and is present for the death of former Maverick Siren, holding on to her as she dies, staying with her physically and over the Saraband, despite the pain it brings him.


In December, Dynamo seeks out Chloe Hatchetman, asking her about Alpha's death. Brought to tears by her story, he gives her a gift: a statuette of Alpha he carved from a piece of obsidian from Mount Olympus, a white flaw in the stone forming her non-black wing. For the first time, he feels that he can move on with his life.

A month later, he helps recover Midi, another of The Professor's children, from Ouroboros, and also meets Trance, a "cousin" built using some of his original design specifications.

He wins two gold medals that year during the Battle & Chase, one for sandbag and the other as part of Hi-Max's dodgeball team.

In September he assists in recapturing Sky Lagoon from Robot Master forces, and is rewarded with higher rank and responsibility. He takes quickly to the role, finally beginning to feel like he belongs. He deploys to Jupiter later that year to stop the FMians from destroying the Earth. He helps save Midi from possession by Cygnus Wing and fight off General Auriga, saving the Earth from the destructive ignition of Jupiter into Lucifer.

In 2224 Blade Marionette, emboldened by Cinnamon, confesses her love for Dynamo, and he reciprocates. His heart freed once more, the two remain a devoted couple, though they share their affection freely with others.

Towards the end of the year Dynamo is put in command of the 13th Unit, Dynamo's Cavaliers. He remains here for the rest of his term with Repliforce. In 2225 he fights at General's side to defend Innerpeace from Omega, one of many who carry the fallen hero from the field at the battle's end. While he remains with Repliforce through its transition to Star Force, he doesn't renew his commitment, leaving in August.

Heroes for Hire

Dual, an ex-member of Prismatic Spider's rebellious Nephilim movement, brings Dynamo into the reborn Irregulars. He leaves military service to return to mercenary work, this time as the leader of Heroes for Hire, a defender of Gaia City and seeker of worthy causes.

He brings Layer into the group with him, tempting the young reploid away from her boyfriend, Zero, after a night of drinks, and entering into a playful relationship with her.

Dynamo joins Juggalos in March of 2227, the day of Alpha's death turned into a celebration of the heroism of her and Chroma Bee. He catches up with Chloe Hatchetman and her family, his memories of Alpha warmed by the celebration of those whose life she saved.

Dynamo continues his world with the Irregulars, considering himself more than half retired but happy with his lot in life. He becomes one of the few people to stand up for Alecto after the android's half-hearted redemption, giving her a chance to prove that she can be more than what Landon DeVry programmed her to be. He feels that it's his responsibility to be the olive branch for people whose pasts are considered "unforgiveable" - he remembers all too well the dozens of people he killed in service to Black SHIELD, and if the world can give more charismatic killers a second chance, why not those who are eminently unlikeable?

In 2229 Dynamo sells his bar on Earth, purchasing a stake in the Buckminster Fuller 'Trimtab' Portal Relay Station and building Dynamo's Spar and Grill, a joint venture with himself and Blade Marionette as co-owners. Filling the bar with souvenirs from the multiverse, he helps poise the station as not only the primary portal hub for Earth and Mars, but as a staging point for expeditions outbound to the outer solar system and beyond.

In 2230, Cinnamon picks up the contract for the Heroes for Hire, incorporating them into the fledgling Unified Army. Dynamo is reluctant at first, but his role in things is a minor one - at least for now.

And so his story continues...


I'm just a sexy boy. I'm not your boy toy.
  • Dynamo STILL likes Alpha. And fire.
  • Thunderclap served as a safe have for the Irregulars on more than one occasion in the past.
  • Prior to his relationship with Alpha, Dynamo was rather infamous for stealing kisses from unsuspecting opponents.
  • The crystals on Dynamo's helmet conceal combat cameras and lights.
  • His visor contains combat information and light-amplification software. It also looks awesome.
  • His eyes are ice blue, but he's seldom seen without rose-tinted glasses of some kind.
  • He adores Shakespeare, and portrayed Roderigo in a Disney Universe production of Othello directed by Peter Pete Jr. in 2228.
  • He has an attractive singing voice.
  • He is officially agnostic with Juggalo leanings.
  • He is apparently romantically involved with the redhead on the post-human drama, Identities.
  • And sometimes Layer.
  • And also sometimes Unreal Peahen.
  • And always Blade Marionette.


Command Notes

I was surprised when I learned that Mr. Cavalier accepted the offer to enlist in Repliforce. But since that day he has proven himself an exceptional soldier to fight alongside. While he retains some of the rough edges from years of being a mercenary, he is quickly learning the rules of the game and how to maximize his efficiency within those rules. Much like Mr. Owl once said to me, his potential is far greater than what he has acheived so far. I have enclosed here a copy of the officers manual. - Personnel Review, 14 May 2222. By: Hi-Max



  • 2217-04-17: Je T'aime - Alpha & Dynamo go dancing, but Alpha has something more important to share with the duelist.
  • 2217-04-18: Aveu - Dynamo talks to Abernathy about his feelings towards Alpha.
  • 2217-04-23: Amour - Dynamo & Alpha meet again six days after her confession of love.
  • 2219-07-22: Sleight of Hand - Feste deals with a bounty on his head.
  • 2221-02-09: A Funeral For Father And Son - The funeral of Dr. Thomas Light and Rock Light.
  • 2221-05-26: Funeral Meltdown - The funeral of Alpha and Chroma B in Detroit - Dynamo does not take it well.
  • 2222-12-07: Dynamo and Chloe - Dynamo works up the courage to ask Chloe Hatchetman about Alpha's death.
  • 2223-10-17: The Ringer - The Queens murder investigation gets a new ally.
  • 2225-04-24: Iris Must Die - An ex-Repliforcer makes a move to end the threat Iris has become.
  • 2225-05-19: ...Must Come To An End - One shall stand. One shall fall.
  • 2230-07-09: The Army Unites - After the formation of the United Army on paper, the various involved groups stage a social get-together to help patch old disputes.

Cut Scenes