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Dynamo Man
Dynamo Man.png
Personal Information
Real Name DWN-082
Code Name Dynamo Man
Race Android
Gender male
Serial Number RM 082
Faction Robot Masters
Function Assault Unit
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Battery and Medic
Secondary Specialty Blazing Hot Electric Death Deliveryboy
Primary Lightning Bolt
Type Electric
Secondary Recharge Surge
Type Electric
OOC Information
Game Megaman and Bass
Theme Song

Character Data

"If you can't accept the generous rule of Dr. Wily, then I ask that you eat blazing hot electric death! Nothing personal."


A dual-purpose member of the RM Team, Dynamo Man serves as both a full-out assault unit and a backup medic if required. He's a relatively levelheaded Robot Master who isn't afraid to try and be socialize with most of the other Robot Masters. He enjoys listening to music in his helmet, which he'll rarely take off. He owes special loyalty to King and Wily, but follows the orders of the elites as well. Dynamo Man can get a little arrogant regarding the other electric based RM's, who he thinks uneccesary. But most of the time Dynamo Man is friendly, helpful, and sociable.


Mediating, Being the Voice of Reason, Harming and Healing with Equal Aptitude, Having the Right Song In Storage for Any Occasion




Cut Scenes